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The Letter

May 25, 2011

  1. HK says:

    Your posts always make me cry! I think you and Devany would get along great, she sounds just like you! I really need to focus on her strengths, and not the parts that make me want to scream. I don’t want her thinking that she wasn’t fun to be around, because she really is. Thanks, Missy! Love and miss you so much!

  2. Hunnygrams says:

    Well said, Missy, and a good to reminder to me as a grandma who is sometimes stressed out and to a mother of adult children who still need to know they are valuable. Love the journal entry idea… they will be fun to read when you are even MY age.

  3. mindy says:

    My dad was telling me about this on Sunday, so fun to hear your perspective! He really has carried it around for years!
    I was actually contemplating the other day about how people from our ward and those we grew up with sometimes see us in a way that we never really viewed ourselves as (and how frustrating it can be at times). It’s a wonderful thing to find that there are people who could see beyond that and just love us unconditionally. Thanks for sharing Missy!

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