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A Song for my Younger Me.

May 18, 2011

  1. Lynette says:

    thanks missy. I think even though we are glad for the stuff we have gone through, there have been times when we wished we could have seen the big picture. One song that always helped me was what heaven sees in you. Just freaks you out to know it will be harder for our kids. Even more reason to love them more.

  2. ha ha Missy, I guess it took growing up to realize that you and I are not so different after all, (not to mention the choir teacher when you were in HS was as mean and closed minded as mine was) I think you are great, that is all that matters and if I can turn out half as cool as you I have got it made!

  3. I love that song. AND It’s always made me think of you when she talks about the mean man who told her she can’t sing. Love you sis!

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