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Winter White Antique Cabinet

February 21, 2017

  1. Diane says:

    Gorgeous. The products list shows “High Performance Top Coat in Satin”. I just used it on a cabinet and it’s pretty shiny. Did you actually use it on this piece?

    • Missy says:

      Hi Diane! Thanks for the comment. Yes, I indeed did use satin on this piece. If you are wanting a more matte finish try High Performance Flat, which still has a some sheen, or Flat Out Flat for a completely matte look. Stir the can really well to make sure the shine elements haven’t separated and risen to the top.

  2. Michelle says:

    Hi there! LOVE this piece – this is exactly what I want to do but here’s the thing….I’m not a seasoned vet when it comes to projects outside of your basic AS chalk paint. Couple questions before I take the plunge; was there any prep involved besides cleaning and filling in (i.e. Sanding) and can this be achieved on any type of wood finish? Is there anything I need to be mindful of since I’m such a newbie. That’s all I can think of to ask for now Ty

    • Missy says:

      Hi Michelle! For the most part, I talk about all the steps I did right in the post. If you’d like more info on how I prep my pieces, check out this post. https://gypsymagpie.com/2017/03/furniture-prep-checklist.html It has a free printable checklist and everything. Yes, a washed looked can be achieved on any type of wood however, the color and graining will be a bit different depending on what wood species you are working with. You can get a similar look using Annie Sloan and a dry brush technique or lightly painting on and then quickly wiping off. I just enjoy playing with this glaze and I had some in my basement so that’s what I used. With any glaze, make sure you do a coat of top coat before applying the glaze. This will help the glaze glide a bit easier and not muddy the stain or paint you are working with. Then you’ll want to seal with another layer of top coat after the glaze dries. Good luck and have fun!

  3. Jemma says:

    Love the inside of the drawers, it goes really well with the winter white, thanks for sharing!

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