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May 9, 2011

  1. Jen R. says:

    My problem with the meal plan was that I often didn’t feel like eating/cooking what was on the calendar for that day. So Ive altered meal planning to simply be a list of meals equaling two weeks that I want to cook. Then I can just choose off that list instead of having to “follow the schedule.” Works for me!

  2. want to feed a 6’4″ guy while you’re at it? He’d love to not have to cook for himself or eat pasta! 😉

  3. Missy says:

    Jen- Great idea! That is probably what this will boil down to.
    Les- I remember a bbq purchase for your wedding…

  4. Krista Neil says:

    I did something like this, and ya I got bored of it, and I like all that structure mumbo-jumbo, so that’s a bad sign. I now do e-mealz, it’s $15 for 3 months, and there are different weekly menus she puts out, with the shopping list to go with it (super helpful), if there’s a meal on there I know won’t fly, I modify, or do something I know they’ll like. I thought like you, it’s worth a shot, and it’s worked pretty good.

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