• Summer Intentions of a Truck Wife {Gypsy Magpie}

    Truck Wife

    Being a truck wife takes an awful lot of moxie. It takes some serious brass to raise kids while their daddy is countless miles away, hopefully rolling along safely amidst tornadoes, blizzards, lot lizards, and thousands of careless, inconsiderate drivers. A truck wife must have sass, confidence, and be fiercely independent. I’d go as far […]

  • Roll on Along {Gypsy Magpie}

    Roll on Along

    When I was growing up, one of my family’s favorite bands was ALABAMA. Anytime we headed off on an adventure you could pretty much bet your shirt that dad would play a little Mountain Music. A couple of my brothers may deny it now, but we used to belt those songs at the top of […]

  • Sunsets are Therapeutic

    They should NOT allow women with multiple children to attend church without a significant other/referee/hired thug. I thought I’d figured that out last week, but today really cemented it for me! Lulu was in rare form today… which was not helped by the “dry-councilman” going over time. I took the baby out once, June out […]

  • Don't just Survive, Thrive {Gypsy Magpie}

    Survival Mode

    I wish I could say that my absence from blogging was because I was on an incredible trip or doing something fabulous, BUT that would be far from reality. What have I been doing? Well, to sum it up in one word… surviving. You’d think that after 7+ years of this job, that the traveling […]