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A Fun Framed Bathroom Mirror

February 9, 2012

  1. Krista Neil says:

    Cute, I’d never even attempt this, but my bathrooms could use a little of that. Oh, and those cheapo tiny plasic drawers and baskets did wonders to my bathroom. Elastics for my girls-the MTWTHFSS pill container things (then you can have all the colors separated), that’s all the ideas I have, and you probably already knew about those 🙂

  2. Where did you find the cute towel holders on the wall? I love those!

    • Missy says:

      Hi Alissa, I am not sure where those hooks came from. They were in the bathroom when we bought the house. Our house is about 10 years old, so I don’t know if that style is still on the market. Good luck in your search and thanks for stopping by!

  3. […] Since this little guy was going in my kid’s Dick & Jane style bathroom, I wanted it to look vintage and collected. I used an old canning ring that had a great patina and it looks fantastic next to the framed builder mirror. […]

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