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Wish You a Meaningful Merry Christmas 2017

December 22, 2017

  1. Jenny says:

    I relate! Winter is the hardest season and I feel it and fight it every year. It’s something I’ve always hated and trying to push it away only makes t worse. So now when I feel the shorter days and the darker, colder nights I just accept that some days are hard and some days are sad and it’s ok to let those days happen as long as they don’t turn into weeks. Having 4 bad days on a month is better than having only 4 good days. And on the bad days I make sure to baby myself. I surround myself with things and people I love. I eat extra chocolate and sit and watch movies all day. I call my sister and talk for an hour even though we see each other almost daily. It just helps those sad days feel a little happier.

    2017 was a struggle! On to The next.

    • Missy says:

      I love that you’ve figured out something that works for you. I TOTALLY agree with everything you said! And it is so cool that you have your sis to talk to. I love you both!

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