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For National Eating Disorder Week & Elle

February 27, 2014

  1. Krystal says:

    Missy, this is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. I’m pretty sure that a lot of the hurt caused by people was based in jealousy. I know I have always seen you as beautiful, strong, and vibrant. Thank goodness high school doesn’t last forever. I’m so glad you’ve found your peace.

  2. Cindy says:

    Thanks Missy for sharing your story–it will help others. I have a favorite talk by Marvin J Ashton–The Tongue is a Sharp Sword. One quote I love is “Be kind…everyone is fighting a hard battle”. We, by our words and actions can be the bright spot in someones life.
    Thanks again Missy–you are an amazing gal!

  3. Kyndra Sweat says:

    Beautifully written and oh so proud of you! Love you!

  4. Missy what an inspiring story!! I always thought you were such an amazing person, andthat storyconfirms what I have always thought. You are incredible!!!!

  5. Thanks for sharing Missy! I have always looked up to you because you are so caring and loving of everyone. You are amazing and I am so happy I know you!

  6. Megan Thomas says:

    That was beautifully written, thanks for sharing.

  7. Mindy says:

    I LOVE YOU!!!! what an amazing testimony.. thank you for sharing. I thought my struggles would be done when I was married, when I had kids, when I was done having kids.. they never end and I swear they only get harder.
    thank you for being a light to me!

    • Missy says:

      Awww! Miss you my internet friend! You are so right, the struggles never end and life only gets harder. Thank goodness for chocolate, family, and belly laughs or I’d have lost it years ago! 😉

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