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Welcome to my happy place of DIY, homemade, homegrown, handmade, nourished & crafted, whole hearted living. Finding magic in the mundane & growing some roots in the process. 


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Growing Roots

April 25, 2011

  1. Wood Gang says:

    Love It! I really needed your words tonight… perhaps even more than you needed them yourself! You are an amazing gypsy and I admire you for your free spirit. Your wings are beautiful and when you land on that perch and take a moment to see what you have and what you are creating you will find that you are becoming that person you hope for….each flight, each moment and each gypsy journey is creating you to be all that you were sent here to be. Keep flying, keep learning and sharing for I am learning so much from this young gypsy!

    Love You Cuz!

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