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Finally Finished the Fireplace

March 19, 2013

  1. powerhouse says:

    Looks awesome missy!! Way to work it. If you can do that, i can totally tile fireplace in my room right?


    • Missy says:

      Kels, you’ve waited what 4 years now for the man to do it? I say go for it!! You can totally handle it! You’ll be so happy that you did and that it is FINALLY done! I believe in you, Powers!

  2. Pretty sure I have never seen your new house. But I need to! You do such cool stuff. I like this.

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  4. […] used the Command picture hanging strips on the back of my mirror for my Fireplace Makeover back in […]

  5. […] pile to higher ground. In the process, I found a random piece of leftover crown molding from the FIREPLACE PROJECT and that got the wheels […]

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