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Welcome to my happy place of DIY, homemade, homegrown, handmade, nourished & crafted, whole hearted living. Finding magic in the mundane & growing some roots in the process. 



  1. Jackie says:

    As always, eloquent and raw and touching. They’re is so much of this that people need to hear. <3

    • Missy says:

      Thanks girl. It was a rough one to write, but it was one of those things I just had to finally open up and let go. Thanks for your continuous love and support!

  2. Jscquie Brown says:

    Hey… thanks for what you wrote about Jeff..I am unsure if you remember me but I was hus girlfriend at the time of all tbis crazy stuff happened. I have lived with guilt for many years since this happen5and hope to release it in 2015. Now I’m going thru another death Jeff Nielson my bestest friend in this world 🙁 anyways thanks

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