• Summer Intentions of a Truck Wife {Gypsy Magpie}

    Truck Wife

    Being a truck wife takes an awful lot of moxie. It takes some serious brass to raise kids while their daddy is countless miles away, hopefully rolling along safely amidst tornadoes, blizzards, lot lizards, and thousands of careless, inconsiderate drivers. A truck wife must have sass, confidence, and be fiercely independent. I’d go as far […]

  • Date Night {Gypsy Magpie}

    Date Night

    I have fantastic news! Last night, Manly and I went on a date! Yeah, like a REAL date. We’re talking no kids, got dressed up, stayed up late, and didn’t eat fast food kind of date! Coconut Shrimp, baby! I can’t tell you how needed it was. Let’s just say our last date was for […]

  • 60 Years

    Do you know what this week is? The 60th Anniversary of the releasing of one of my all time favorite movies… The Quiet Man Nominated for seven Oscars, and 60 years later, it is still among Hollywood’s favorite romantic comedies. I mean, seriously, how could you go wrong with these two? Maureen O’Hara and The […]

  • Marjorie Pay Hinckley Quote on Marriage {Gypsy Magpie}

    Marriage… Love the One You’re With

    Last Sunday night I got to attend a fireside put on by my church. {Thanks Mom and Dad Mag for babysitting so I could go! I wish my husband could have been home to go with me! He would have LOVED it.} Our Stake is focusing on strengthening marriage this year so, the Stake President […]