• Determined Woman {Gypsy Magpie}


    There is something amazing about you, Woman. You are soft and tender, yet tough as nails. You are Mother Earth and Mother Bear, whether mother or not. You take the day on the chin and then come back for more the next morning. You listen and feel on a level that even you can not […]

  • Faith

    This past week has been a rough one, and this week isn’t looking any easier. I’m not going to get into it, so, let’s just say that I am getting a crash course in faith. I’m learning about fear and inadequacy and all that junk like never before. You know, being pushed out of your […]

  • Holding Tomorrow Tightly in my Arms

    Things have gotten a little wild again. I may or may not have gotten the urge to make-over my desk. I’d show you, but 2 weeks later and it’s still not done. Um… oopsies? I finally got the computer hooked back up today, which means my 7 year old has this afternoon and evening to […]

  • Water, Water, and Water Some More!

    The past month has been a little stressful around here. The Holidays tend to be crazy anyway, but adding in my grandpa’s passing and funeral, sickness, and lots of stress with my sweetheart’s job, has made me feel a little overwhelmed. The dreaded “Not Enoughs” made an unexpected visit in a big way and left us all […]