• How To: Board and Batten

    A few months ago, Manly and I installed a board and batten wall treatment in our girl’s room. It was one of those rooms that was seriously lacking in character! Most of our house has things like fantastic pitched roof-lines, crown molding, and interesting shapes to give it some pizazz…but, not Lulu and Miss June’s room. […]

  • Love Her Mother {Gypsy Magpie}

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Tonight I watched my husband’s dad sing “Feliz Navidad” into a candy cane. With a Santa hat and a big mustached smile, he danced around our living room with my little girls. As I giggled in the kitchen, I listened to my daughters squeal in delight as their beloved Grandpa dipped and twirled them across the floor. Some men […]

  • Easy Pillow Covers using Yay! I Made It's Pattern {Gypsy Magpie}

    Pinterest Challenge #2

    If you’ve been to my home, you KNOW that our dark leather couch is in some serious need of some pillow friends. I’ve been wanting to make some for a while, but I just can’t find the fabric that I absolutely love. Then, if I did find that beloved fabric and make a cute pillow, my munchkins […]

  • Fall Photos

    A couple of weeks ago, we did the impossible!We got family photos taken!The last family picture of us {that I will openly display} was when our 3rd little piggy was about 18 months old…she is now 4. To top that off, the last time said piggy had a real picture taken was when she was about […]

  • The Old Man's Major Award {Gypsy Magpie}

    The Old Man’s Major Award…Only Better

    Have I mentioned how addicted I am to Pinterest? I have found enough ideas for 2 lifetimes! But, once you pin them, what do you do with the info? I’ve pinned so much that I’ve forgotten what I have even pinned! Well, the last few weeks, I have seen several Pinterest Challenges going on around […]

  • Beautiful Heartbreak

    Life isn’t easy… for anyone. Isn’t it amazing how a trial can push us out of our comfort zone to become a better more beautiful version of ourselves? How we handle the pushing is up to us. Sometimes it just seems like it’s all too much. It’s almost too difficult to keep going. But we […]

  • It’s all about the Pink.

    Warning! This blog is about to get personal. If you can’t handle it, go type the word “kitties” into your Google search bar and go with that… If you are still with me, please love me through my imperfections. If you didn’t know already, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s kind of a big […]