• Lessons from Spring Break {Gypsy Magpie}

    Lessons from Spring Break

    This past week was glorious Spring Break! *Insert angels singing here* We took advantage of the time off of school and ventured down to one of our favorite little out of the way places, MOAB, UTAH. via discovermoab.com My family has been going to this fun little town for as long as I can remember. […]

  • Comparison is the Thief of Joy {F. F. #6}

    This week in a nutshell: planning Minute to Win it activity for my YOUTH GROUP, carrying out said activity for my youth group, Scouts, driving, gymnastics, 3 year old terrorists, Achievement Days (an activity for girls 8-11 in my CHURCH), piano lessons, driving, bottle of bubbles poured on my bed, washing bubbles out of cal-king […]

  • Dinner Table Talk

    This past week has been a blur. There has been something every day and every night. Everything has been twice as hard as it should be. The kids are still cranky from being sick plus add daylight savings time on top of that and we are talking a serious treat! A whole lot of attitude […]

  • Determined Woman {Gypsy Magpie}


    There is something amazing about you, Woman. You are soft and tender, yet tough as nails. You are Mother Earth and Mother Bear, whether mother or not. You take the day on the chin and then come back for more the next morning. You listen and feel on a level that even you can not […]

  • How to make a burlap photo mat {Gypsy Magpie}

    How to Make a Simple Burlap Photo Mat

    This injury is wearing me down. I’m pretty sure that somewhere there is a secret unwritten law stating that Mothers aren’t allowed to be sick or hurt. Ever. I have broken this law, and if I don’t fix it soon, there will be an uprising of epic proportions. Mutiny is constantly simmering right below the […]

  • You're not as breakable as you think {Gypsy Magpie}

    Straight Jacket

    I have officially been in this straight jacket shoulder brace for three days. I’ve been told it shall be my daily companion for 4-8 weeks. The dang clasp is in the back. I may murder the inventor when all is said and done… It’s been 16 days since my accident and my patience and spirits […]

  • Listen {Gypsy Magpie}

    My One Word 2013

    Last year, I decided to turn my New Year’s resolutions into One Word, one overarching focus. This past few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what was accomplished in 2012, and I was feeling a little frustrated. My life still isn’t in any semblance of order. There are unfinished things and loose […]