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    30 Minutes

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    Between healing from surgery, moving my in-laws, medical menopause, and getting my son ready for his mission, my stress level has been through the roof! The folks are on their way to new amazing adventures, Elder Mag flew out to Georgia, and I can finally breathe.

    Don’t ask me about my heart though, it’s pretty tender at the moment. A 6’6″ piece of it is walking around somewhere in the south and I was not prepared for all the feelings. You mamas out there with grown kids get it. But, that’s a sappy post for another day.

    Intentionally taking 30 minutes just for me | gypsy magpie

    I have missed creating the past few months.

    Creativity brings me joy. But things get so busy that lying in bed at the end of the day, I often realize I haven’t done one thing for myself. Mom life, am I right? There is just so much to do as I’m pulled every which way all hours of the day. I keep catching myself saying “I don’t have time!” but the reality is, we all make time for what we truly want to.

    If it’s important, we’ll rearrange, prioritize, and find a way.

    30 minutes for me | gypsy magpie

    I’m the kind of person who will drop everything for others. It’s high past time to be more intentional with myself.


    Every day, I’m choosing to allow myself 30 minutes to do whatever I want. Whatever lifts my spirits or lights a spark. Try new mediums, cook, take a class, DIY, develop talents, get my hands dirty, step outside my box, get out of my own way… put aside everything else and create my own happiness.

    Some days I’ll fail miserably and some days will be magic. But hopefully every day, I can go to sleep knowing I gave a little bit back to the tired, broken body that never stops giving.

    Repeat after me: 

    ✨I am worthy of 30 minutes✨


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