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    Memories & Makeover of my Sweet Little Desk

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    I have had this little desk for as long as I can remember. It was in my room when I was an itty bitty girl. My dad painted it white and added white ceramic hardware with pink roses circled in gold that matched the floral wallpaper border and mauve carpet in my tiny upstairs bedroom. Eventually, I outgrew the little desk and my tiny room, graduating to the newly finished basement and my Aunt Aileen’s vintage bedroom set. My parents stored the desk away, you know, just in case. In 2010, when my husband and I moved our little family to our current home, my parents pulled out the old desk and surprised me with it.

    It was the perfect size for our young daughters. My mom and I took the girls to Hobby Lobby and let them pick out new hardware. Being 5 & 3 and super into all things pretty princess, they chose a mix of pink and clear glass knobs.

    This little 80s desk was just begging for a bit of love | gypsy magpie

    While sitting at that desk, I developed a love for reading. My oldest daughter found her love of art. My middle discovered she was good at math. And my youngest… well, she repeatedly went at it with permanent marker. The kid could sniff out a misplaced Sharpie like a bloodhound.

    That graffiti artist is now 11, with long gangly legs and size 9.5 shoes so my childhood desk has been relegated to the basement. It has been down there for months now, just waiting.

    It’s time to pass it along.

    A little 1980s desk all made new again | gypsy magpie

    Products Used:

    My childhood desk given new life with fresh paint and fun hardware | gypsy magpie
    Palm Leaf green paint and fun paper update this 80s childrens desk | gypsy magpie
    Sweet little desk makeover | gypsy magpie
    Gift wrap for drawer liners bring the fun to this little desk makeover | gypsy magpie
    A darling little desk given new life with a fresh coat of green paint and ceramic hardware | gypsy magpie

    This sweet little desk has been part of my life for almost 40 years.

    With a fresh coat of paint, new knobs, and fun drawer liners, I hope my old desk can be loved on and put to use for many years to come.


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