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    Essential Oil for Mood & Health + DIY Shower Melts

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    I’ve been under the weather and not feeling myself for the last few weeks. My immune system isn’t the strongest and the winter bugs tend to be pretty hard on me. One of the remedies I turn to when I’m feeling like junk is essential oil. I use it to make inhalers, rollers, bath salts, for massage, apply to burns, headaches, plus add it to my diffuser among other things.

    There are countless uses!

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    One of my favorite ways to use essential oil is in the shower.

    Inhalation is one of the quickest, and safest, ways to get oils into the bloodstream. I have a couple of diffusers I run in my home, especially on sick days. But the method I turn to most is diffusing oils in the shower. There is just something about a hot steam shower that helps to open airways and/or lift my mood.

    Shower Diffusing

    Make your own essential oil shower melts | gypsy magpie

    Method 1: Shower Melts

    Shower melts are little tablets made of baking soda that slowly dissolve in the water on the floor of your shower. As the tablet “melts”, the baking soda fizzes and the essential oil is released into the steamy air. Kind of like a tiny bath bomb, but for your shower instead of the tub.

    Make your own essential oil shower melts | gypsy magpie
    DIY shower melts | gypsy magpie

    2 cups baking soda
    3 tablespoons witch hazel
    Combine well in a mixing bowl. Pack into ice cube trays or candy molds then let dry overnight. Store in an airtight container (I use wide-mouth mason jars).

    To use-
    Drop 2-4 drops of essential oil onto a tablet. Place melt on the shower floor as you shower to release oil into the air.

    DIY melts for essential oils | gypsy magpie

    This method is great for when you have a bad cold and are super congested. Add some drops of eucalyptus or a Breath type blend. It feels like breathing in a vapor-rub but without the nasty chemicals.

    Method 2: Drops

    If making shower melts feels like too much work, you can simply drop some essential oil in the corner of your shower. I typically do 1-2 drops. Drop the oil in a part of the shower that stays pretty dry so you aren’t just washing the oil right down the drain as the water turns on. When you are done showering, make sure to rinse away the residue so it doesn’t do any damage to the shower.

    I like this method for when I just need a little mood boost or pick me up. A drop of grapefruit oil in the shower feels incredibly uplifting so I tend to go that direction on days when I’m feeling down.

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    Essential Oils I Love:

    Grapefruit: uplifting, energizing, detoxifying, aids in focus and concentration

    Lemon: cleansing, uplifting, focus, improves mood

    Eucalyptus: soothing, calming, respiratory health, soothes sore muscles and relieves sinus pressure

    Peppermint: stress buster, relieves headaches, stimulating, energy boost

    Orange: happiness booster, energizing, calms overactive emotions

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    Before I get attacked, no I don’t believe essential oils are the magic cure for everything. They aren’t going to eradicate cancer. They won’t replace modern medicine. But I do think they have their place in every day health and wellness. They are incredibly comforting and useful when used correctly.

    I am not brand loyal, but I do make sure to use oils that are free of additives, fillers, and synthetic chemicals. If you are wondering about an oil, you can usually find GC/MS or third-party test results on a company’s website or request one. I’ve used DoTerra, Young Living, and Plant Therapy and have been very happy with all three. I noticed that a new company has come out called Revive that, like Plant Therapy, isn’t an MLM. I’d like to give them a try but haven’t yet. (If you’ve tried Revive, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!)

    essential oils for wellness | gypsy magpie


    Not every essential oil is safe to use when babies or little kids are around. Some can cause allergic reactions, lethargy, etc. For example, peppermint (eucalyptus and rosemary too!) can cause breathing issues. Spearmint is a kid-safe substitution for peppermint. I am not a certified aromatherapist or doctor, I’m just sharing what works for me. Please make sure to study each oil before you use them to know if it is the right one for you and your situation.

    THIS is a good article on which essential oils are safe for kids and which are not. If you’re just getting started, Robert Tisserand has some in-depth information. His research, education, and hours of experience are top in his field. And THIS article is super helpful also. Plant Therapy has a line made specifically for kids that is wonderful. My family is all passed the little kiddo stage so I don’t use the KidSafe line much anymore, but I loved it when my children were young and I would totally recommend it for new parents.

    shower melt DIY | gypsy magpie

    Here’s hoping that I can kick the sick germs to the curb and feel a little better in the coming weeks. I can’t wait for spring! Too bad it doesn’t come to the mountain for a few months. Sigh.

    Anyway, just thought I’d share these little essential oil tricks in case old man winter has been kicking your fanny too. Chin up, friends. Winter won’t last forever.


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