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    Boho Bedroom Gallery Wall + DIY Uke Hanger

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    This past spring, my teenage daughter and I overhauled her bedroom for her birthday. We painted the walls a silvery white and accented the wall behind her bed with a rich plum purple. Trying to get a clean paint line while trying to stand on the tip top of a extension ladder was a real trick, I tell you what! 

    My daughter is an artist and wanted a boho style for her room makeover. Her bedroom set is an antique family heirloom and very Victorian in fashion. It’s of high sentimental value to me, since I grew up with it too, so it had to stay. Thankfully, the set fit well with the collected, eclectic vibe she was after. 

    Eclectic boho gallery wall | Gypsy Magpie

    To add to the collected feel, we created a gallery wall out of mismatched frames and decor. Usually, in a gallery wall, you want to use items that are similar in shape and color to keep things uniform. But for her boho wall, we mixed color, shape, and style with wild abandon.

    The result was a whimsical, artsy wall that fits my creative, imaginative teenager’s personality to a T!

    Teen boho bedroom with eclectic gallery wall | Gypsy Magpie

    One of my favorite aspects of the gallery wall is her yellow ukulele. In order to hang the uke in the wall grouping, I put together a DIY uke hanger out of a wood round from the craft store and a garden tool hook. It was so simple and came together in a snap. 

    DIY Uke Hanger Directions:

    1. Lightly sand, wipe clean, then measure and mark the center point of your wood round. 
    2. Drill a hole through the center using a drill bit similar in size to the threaded end of your hook. I propped the wood round up on two boards so I go drill through without worrying about damaging my work surface.
    3. Stain and seal the wood round in the color of your choice. Let dry.
    4. Screw the threaded end of the hook into the hole in the wood round.
    5. Hang it on the wall, you’re done! I used a command strip to adhere the uke hanger. Worked like a charm. I LOVE those things. 


    This DIY ukulele holder couldn't be easier to make! Totally customizable too! | Gypsy Magpie

    I told you it was easy!

    Totally customizable too. If you would rather use a square plaque and paint it green, go for it. This is one of those great projects that can be made completely unique to the user. Love those!

    This DIY uke holder couldn't be more simple to make! | Gypsy Magpie

    I love how this gallery wall turned out!

    The DIY uke hanger and bright yellow ukulele add an unexpected touch of fun. It makes me happy every time I walk by. 

    Teen girl's boho bedroom + DIY uke hanger | Gypsy Magpie

    The best part about this gallery wall is that as she matures, she can change out the things she outgrows for new pieces that speak to who she has become. Nothing is permanent, which is a must when working with a spontaneous budding teen artist. 

    When we first started the project and she said she wanted a deep purple wall, I about fell off my chair. Scenes from Barney and Friends flashed through my head and I was NOT excited. But, I have to say that the purple she picked couldn’t be prettier! It’s moody and changes slightly with the light. I really couldn’t be happier with the color. 

    Which has got me wondering… 
    Have you ever been pleasantly surprised by a paint color?
    If so, please tell me about it in the comments! 


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  • Kelly
    31 December 2018

    Wooow!! What a beautiful arrangement. I’ll look into settting up my wall gallery this way next year.

  • Morris
    4 January 2019

    Thanks for this great piece very informative.I think i will look into the gallery wall a sure way to beautify my room.

  • Karen Ching
    22 January 2019

    Love the purple wall! I’d react the same as you did with painting the wall purple, because the Barney kind of purple isn’t the most flattering color for a wall, but I love how it turned out! :) May I know what shade of purple should I say to paint shop for that kind of shade?
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    • Missy
      13 February 2019

      Thanks! The paint color is Purple Sunset by Valspar.