• Wishing you a meaningful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

    Wish You a Meaningful Merry Christmas 2017

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    The house is quiet. My family is busy today with basketball, service projects, and friends. There is so much to do to prepare for Christmas and I should be bustling around doing ALL the things. Instead, I find myself making hot cocoa and sitting down to write.

    This year, the word I chose was PURPOSE and looking back the word was very good to me. 2017 was kind in general. I was invited to work on a special Easter Initiative with my church. I was asked to write for Utah’s biggest classifieds website. (Side note: You guys, I got paid for writing! Getting paid for something you love to do? I can’t even tell you how awesome that feels!) A piece I created even won an award in a nationwide furniture design contest! I felt high as a kite the first 9 months of the year. Things were picking up steam and I was feeling so good!

    Then somewhere around October, the wind blew out of my sails. I’m not really sure why other than those blasted hormones, but as the days got shorter so did my fuse. My energy, my patience, my peace, all plummeted. I’ve been in this lemon of a body long enough to know these cycles are normal. It’s the natural flow. We all have planting seasons, harvesting seasons, and seasons requiring rest. Maybe this season is my body’s way of asking me to slow down. To remember to walk deliberately, with purpose.

    This job of mine is great and I love it. Honestly, this is the first year where I am not embarrassed to go see my tax preparer because though minuscule, I actually made money. Pennies, but hey it’s something! It has been months since someone has asked me about my “little hobby” and man, does that feel good. I want you to know, I’m not complaining one bit. But after all that moving forward, it’s emotionally painful to take steps back. I’ve never understood why I have to have this damaged immune system, but maybe it’s partly to remind me not to run faster than I’m able. Because I have done a whole lot of running this year. My brain moves at Mach 10 but my body has a hard time keeping up.

    I recently ran across a quote that made me think. (I can’t find the author, so if you know who said it please let me know so I can give proper credit!) It reads…

    Appreciate where you are on your journey, even if it's not where you want to be. Every season has a purpose. - Wishing you a meaningful Christmas season and a fabulous New Year!

    The new year is quickly on its way, full of new promise and adventure. I’ve got several renovation projects up my sleeve, a family history cookbook experience with tasty recipes, outdoor trips for family fun, and of course, more DIY tutorials and furniture.

    I don’t know my word yet, but I do know good things are to come.

    In the meantime, I’m taking this holiday break nice and slow. Scout rechartering is finally submitted, the kids are home, most of the presents are wrapped, and Hallmark is playing cheesy feel-good Christmas movies 24/7. What gets done will get done, and whatever doesn’t must not have been that important anyway. It’s time for warm fires, cozy quilts, card games, quiet reflection, good food, and being surrounded by the ones I love. Deliberate, intentional, and full of purpose.

    Thank you for all your love this past year. Your kind comments and encouragement lift me and fill my heart more than you know. I wish you a meaningful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

    Enjoy the season, my friends.

    Wishing you a meaningful Christmas and a fabulous New Year!

    Original Photo by erin walker on Unsplash


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  • Jenny
    2 January 2018

    I relate! Winter is the hardest season and I feel it and fight it every year. It’s something I’ve always hated and trying to push it away only makes t worse. So now when I feel the shorter days and the darker, colder nights I just accept that some days are hard and some days are sad and it’s ok to let those days happen as long as they don’t turn into weeks. Having 4 bad days on a month is better than having only 4 good days. And on the bad days I make sure to baby myself. I surround myself with things and people I love. I eat extra chocolate and sit and watch movies all day. I call my sister and talk for an hour even though we see each other almost daily. It just helps those sad days feel a little happier.

    2017 was a struggle! On to The next.

    • Missy
      4 January 2018

      I love that you’ve figured out something that works for you. I TOTALLY agree with everything you said! And it is so cool that you have your sis to talk to. I love you both!