• Thanks for making this year a "suc-cess" teacher gift. So cute!

    “Suc-cess” Teacher Thank You Gift Idea

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    Looking for a simple last minute gift for Teacher Appreciation Week? Yeah, I know teachers are the coolest and parents should totally think ahead on this kind of stuff, but I am a procrastinator extraordinaire. Why make life easy on myself and do things ahead of time? Never happens, I’m just awesome like that. You too? We should be friends.

    Since it’s Teacher Appreciation Week at my kids’ school, uh, THIS week, I quickly put something together. Nothing like the last minute to light a fire under my fanny! Since I put in all the work already, I figured I’d share here in case any of you are running around looking for last minute ideas.

    “Suc-cess” Teacher Thank You Gift

    Darling little teacher gift idea using succulents and old glass. Free printable too!

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    Now back to the post…


    This little succulent teacher gift is quick and easy! Free printable + cute plant = happy teachers!


    Place a layer of pebbles in the bottom of your cup or container. This will give the succulent drainage. They hate having their roots wet so, don’t skip this step!

    Sprinkle in some potting soil and plant the succulent. Cover around edges with more potting soil.

    This cute little Suc-cess Teacher Thank You Gift is darling, simple, and fast!

    Download Free Printable Suc-cess Teacher Thank You Tag Here!

    Print free printable “suc-cess” gift tag and cut. (Set printer to LANDSCAPE for a bigger tag and PORTRAIT for a smaller tag)

    Hole punch the edge and tie on to the container with twine.

    Give to that rad teacher!

    *If planting in an old container is over your effort level, just print the tag, tie it to a store bought succulent and call it good.
    I won’t judge you one bit.

    Simple and inexpensive teacher gift!

    Aren't these teacher gifts adorable? Download the free printable and start planting!

    This succulent teacher gift is so cute and easy!

    Teachers, we LOVE you!

    Can I just say a huge THANK YOU to all you teachers do to make each year a “suc-cess” and every child feel loved? Because really, you really are the best! Sometimes we don’t show it well, but I promise we do see you and appreciate your efforts.
    You are changing the world for the better.

    Who was your favorite teacher when you were growing up?

    Looking for more gift ideas?
    These cute little washi tape bookmarks are simple, inexpensive, and cute!


    Thanks for making this year a "suc-cess" teacher gift. So cute!



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