• DIY Lettered Wood Slice Coasters. Quick, simple, and inexpensive!

    DIY Lettered Wood Slice Coasters

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    Remember last month when I shared the wood slice magnets my daughter and I made for her 4th grade Rendezvous? Well, I found 5 larger wood slice rounds that I had cut up and stashed away and challenged myself to put them to use.

    I have to tell you straight up, I’ve been in a bit of a creative slump the last little while. Some days it’s pretty hard to get motivated. My friend says I’m in need of a big dose of spring, and she’s probably right. Winter has been long and cold this year. I shouldn’t complain because we desperately needed the moisture here in our desert state. The heavy snow fall has been a great blessing and I’m very thankful. At the same time, it’s made me want to hole up in a blanket fort with a stack of books and an endless supply of cocoa. Sounds like heaven but isn’t exactly productive.

    To combat the blahs, I gave myself two challenges. The first being that I would hold a pop-up shop little market in April, and the second that I’d do at least one creative thing every day. I’ll give you more deets on the pop-up in the coming weeks, I’m still trying to iron it all out. As for the daily creativity, here’s what I’ve been playing around with the last few days.

    These Lettered Wood Slice Coasters are so easy and cost mere pennies to make!

    Lettered Wood Slice Coasters

    I didn’t take any pics of the process, I was just kind of winging it. I think sometimes I feel so pressured to create something awesome for this blog that it takes away some of the fun. When I challenged myself to explore my creativity daily, I felt strongly that it wasn’t for this blog but simply for me.

    Some projects I may share here or over on Insta and some I may just keep to myself. That may not make for stellar tutorials, but in this moment I’m cool with it. These wood slice coasters are so simple that they don’t need a big tute anyway.

    These wood slice coasters couldn't be simpler to make. These words inspire me, but you could customize them any way you like!

    Here’s a how-to quickie:

    1. Cut wood slices to desired size and thickness. Mine are about 4 1/2 inches wide and 1/2 inch thick.
    2. Sand smooth so your cup will sit flat.
    3. Cover with a few coats of poly. Don’t be surprised at how much finish your slices soak up. The wood is dry and will be thirsty. I think I did around 3 coats and probably could have done another. Let the finish dry well.
    4. Add lettering or embellishments. I have been following along with Hand Lettered Design’s free lettering lessons and thought I’d try my hand at painting. Dude, the words looked so much better in my head then they ended up looking after I painted them! Ha! Oh well. I chose words that are important to me and have value in my life. You could write anything that makes you happy. I probably should have skipped the hand painting and cut out the words in vinyl instead, but the quirkiness is kind of growing on me. Quirky is fun!
    5. After letting the paint sit overnight, you can lightly hit the words with a sanding block to get a worn look. Wipe the dust off and then give the coasters another couple coats of finish to seal in the paint.

    Optional: Glue some felt to the back if you have a surface you are afraid of scratching.

    Sealing wood slice coasters with poly will help them wear better and last longer

    This post contains affiliate links which help me keep this creative little happy place going
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    Now back to the post…


    • Wood Slices
    • Sanding Block
    • Poly- you can use spray poly, brush on, or wipe on. Whatever you’ve got.
    • Gloves
    • Paint or Vinyl, heck use a Sharpie if you want!

    These fun wood slice coasters are a cheap and easy project. If they get ruined or don’t last forever, at pennies per coaster, so what. The trends will change in a couple years anyway and we’ll be on to something else.
    For the time being, enjoy your wordy wood slices!

    P.S. I bought these GORGEOUS tulips at Trader Joe’s for like $5! They are helping me remember that winter won’t last forever. Sunshine, green growing things, and longer days are on their way.

    DIY Lettered Wood Slice Coasters. Quick, simple, and inexpensive!

    What do you do when you find yourself
    in a creative rut?




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