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    My Top 5 Most Popular Posts from 2016

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    I’ve been working on some blog analysis over the last few days. Just trying to do some planning and prepping for 2017. As I’ve looked over what went well here on the blog and what didn’t, I’ve enjoyed looking over all the fun I had last year. Just for kicks, I thought I’d put together my top 5 most popular posts from 2016.

    So here they are!

    Gypsy Magpie's Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2016 | Gypsy Magpie

    This post may contain affiliate links which helps me keep this creative little happy place going
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    Now back to the post…

    My Top 5 Most Popular Posts from 2016

    5. DIY Wipeable Drawer Liners | HERE

    DIY Customizable & Cleanable Drawer Liners | Gypsy Magpie

    These drawer liners weren’t the easiest to figure out, but once I got going they came together.

    I loved that they were completely cleanable and wipeable. In the future I think I’ll order oil cloth for the drawers that I want to be able to clean easy. There are so many patterns these days and using oil cloth would be a lot faster! But still, this method allows you to make any kind of liner you want with whatever paper you have which I totally dig.

    4. Simply White Banker’s Desk | HERE

    Come see how this wonderful old banker's desk got a new life with a little love and some Simply White paint | Gypsy Magpie

    Since we’ve already talked about the drawers, we better talk about the desk! This old guy turned out so handsomely. He went to live with a family in Northern Utah and will hopefully have many more decades of life in him. I have to tell you, I did learn that selling large pieces can be pretty dang tough no matter how beautiful they are. Lugging this guy to market was an absolute pain!

    Simply White was Ben Moore’s Color of the Year for 2016 and it is a very pretty shade. It’s a really nice warm looking white that is soft on the eyes yet still fresh and clean. My brother and sister in law painted their kitchen cabinets this past spring and they turned out gorgeous!


    3. Big Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies | HERE

    Big Batch Chocolate Chip Cookies | Gypsy Magpie

    I’m so glad y’all loved this recipe so much!

    I have made these big batch cookies so many times because they are yummy AND make a ton. My daughter has become quite the cookie maker this year and I’m loving it! She’s been having fun customizing the recipe by adding different kinds of baking chips and other add ins like candy pieces.

    Since you loved this recipe, I may just have to share my famous peanut butter bars. Maybe. If you’re nice.

    2. Bentwood Rocker Refashion | HERE

    Do you have an old forgotten Bentwood rocker? Come and see how this one was given new life and new purpose! | Gypsy Magpie

    The popularity of this post totally surprised me.

    I guess there are a lot more of these old ladies hanging around homes across the country than I thought! I love the before and after on this post. Just goes to show that with a little time and effort, even the most outdated piece can be given a pretty new life.

    1. Christmas Star DIY | HERE

    Christmas Star DIY plus Free Printable Gift Tag to Light the World this Christmas!

    My most popular post of the year just so happened to be one of my favorite projects and most memorable experiences of 2016. The project was so simple and not at all over the top or spectacular. It was more about the love behind it, the gift of service. The family night we spent with our sweet honorary neighbor grandmas will forever be tender in my heart. I don’t think my children will ever forget the joy they felt delivering those stars that night.

    That’s a gift that keeps on giving.

    Bring on 2017!

    Thanks for your encouragement and comments this past year!

    I’ve got some fun things planned for 2017 and hope you continue to find creative inspiration, authenticity, and a bit of joy here in my happy place. While we are talking about the new year, what kind of posts are you interested in seeing here on Gypsy Magpie? What would fill your bucket and help you as you grow your own roots and wings?

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    Thanks for being a part of my creative journey, my friends!
    You are rad.




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