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    Last night I helped my teenager set up an Instagram account. Holy cow, do I feel old typing that! I have a teenager, who has a phone, and is on social media. I can’t even, you guys! When did this happen? My tummy hurts and I need a good cry.

    As I showed him the ins and outs of the app, we had a nice long talk. I wanted him to understand something that it’s taken me a long time to figure out. I want him to choose the light and not be fooled by the darkness. We talked about the difference between a fountain and a drain. He rolled his eyes, but he was listening. We talked about how those we choose to surround ourselves with will eventually make or break us. I asked him to surround himself with lifters. I talked to him about pushing out the bad, blocking the nasty, and embracing the good.

    Repeat after me: I will not compare myself to strangers on the internet | Gypsy Magpie

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    In the years that are ahead of us, I hope my boy can seek out the real, the true, and the authentic. I pray he can set aside the likes and popularity contests of the world for what really matters. He’s a good boy with a huge heart and I have faith in him.
    Dude, this parenting thing is hard!

    Our talk last night got me thinking. All the things I told my boy, all that advice… it goes for me too.

    I woke up this morning feeling the urge to purge my Instagram feed. To make sure I’m surrounding myself with lifters in real life AND on the internet also. I want to choose light and let go of the darkness that drags me down. The feeds that make me question my worth, the things that dull my senses. So, I’ve decided if it doesn’t inspire me, light a spark, or speak to my heart, out of my feed it goes.

    Goodbye fake perfection. Goodbye drama.

    I guess when there is so much bad it’s hard to see the good, but it’s out there. Oh man, there is so much good! While going through my feed I was reminded of some accounts I love so I thought I’d share with you. These guys live with purpose, have a whole lot of fun, and rock who they are even on the hard days. They add light just by being themselves and that’s exactly the kind of peeps I want to surround myself with.

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    Now back to the post…

    Here are 10 Instagrammers who inspire me

    Ashley Campbell | @underthesycamore

    Ashley probably doesn’t know it, but she’s been teaching me how to use my camera. I have followed her for years, first on her blog and now on Instagram too. She’s a talented photographer and uses her camera to seek out extraordinary moments in the ordinary. In her class that I’m taking she said “Look closely at your day to day stories and discover the little details you hope never to forget.” That totally struck a chord in me! I’ve been so worried about taking too many pictures but I shouldn’t be. Those pictures are little glimpses into my children’s childhoods that I hope to remember for always. Ashley is a champion for adoption, teaching, and service. She is a fabulous human.

    Brooke White | @realbrookewhite

    I’ve loved Brooke since she was on Season 7 of American Idol. Her posts are from her heart which speaks to me. She talks about her infertility struggles, about insecurity, and of letting go of perfection. She posted once that “done is better than perfect”, and that has stuck with me ever since. I see myself in her, it’s strange but I completely relate.

    Jessica & Co Vintage | @jessica.co.vintage

    Jessica is nothing short of adorable. She loves the outdoors, adventures, and antiques which is my cup of tea! Her feed is sincere and it just makes me happy. I don’t know her from Adam but I look forward to her posts like she was my long time friend.

    Kyle Fox & Fam | @the_smile_hunter

    via Deseret News

    Speaking of long time friends, the Fox Burrow is filled with some of our favorites. Kyle was one of my husband’s buddies growing up then after we were married I was Carrie’s visiting teacher for our church. I adore Kyle’s whole family, but especially his amazing wife. They are about as authentic as it gets. They are quirky, funny, and always a party to be with. They’ve had their share of life’s ups and downs but always choose to live it fully and I think that is what makes them so endearing. They exude love. It’s a pretty killer thing. They also have a youtube channel that cracks me up. I’ll never look at a Wendy’s baked potato the same way ever again. Thanks for that, Khabe.

    Kelli & Kristi | @lollyjaneblog

    Yes, these twins are big time bloggers, but they haven’t sold out. They are confident in who they are and it shows. They have passion and they share it every day without worrying what others think. I love that! Crafty AND fun.

    Amanda Rydell | @amandarydell

    I’m pretty sure that Amanda is happiness in human form. She does what she loves and it shows. She loves creating so much that she puts on workshops to teach others how to also. Her smile radiates and I just can’t help but love her!

    Lynsey | @fivechicksandafarmer

    Lynsey, her Yonder Way Farmer, and their kids live on a farm in Texas. I love this gals zest for life and her love of motherhood. She’s one of those people that you just know you’d be great friends with in real life. She’s a mother of girls and she raises them in the mud. Kindred spirits, I tell you.

    Carissa | @familyhistorymodernized

    The girls at Family History Modernized are doing the coolest project! They interview the elderly about their lives and spread the joy of families. I cry at least once a week reading their posts and the stories they share. Record ALL the grandparent stories! I LOVE what these ladies are doing!

    Lizzy & Friends | @thesmallseed

    The small seed is another group of ladies doing awesome things. They share insights and stories from women around the world that build faith. Mamas and women who have struggles and successes telling their stories to lift somebody else. Too coo

    Mrs. Gonzenbach | @therivermama

    I’m not sure how I found Mrs. Gonzenbach, but I’m so thankful. This sweet woman shares my same genetic mutation. She is currently battling cancer and her posts remind me of what is of utmost importance in life. Family. Her post about living in purpose on purpose inspired my one little word for this year. I can’t tell you what it means to find a fellow “chosen one” as she calls it. There truly is power in numbers.

    Living with purpose on purpose | Gypsy Magpie

    I know there are so many more, but these are the 10 Instagrammers who repeatedly inspire me. They lift my spirits. They give me courage to live richly and authentically, on purpose.

    Are there any Instagrammers who inspire you? I’d love to hear! Share with me in the comments below.





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