• Do you have a DIY loving lady on your Christmas list? Here's a gift guide for the DIY-her that's sure to make your shopping easier! | Gypsy Magpie

    Gift Guide for the DIY-her

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    Christmas is rapidly approaching and if you’re like me, you’re scurrying around town looking for gifts! There are always those people who are incredibly hard to buy for, like the DIY loving wifey, sister, or daughter-in-law. Do you have a DIY-her on your Christmas list? If so, you’ve come to the right place because today I am sharing a great big list of gifts for my fellow DIY girls! In this gift guide, you’ll find everything from dream presents to stocking stuffers sure to please your favorite sawdust diva.

    This post contains affiliate links which help me keep this creative little happy place going
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    Now back to the post…

    My Gift Guide for the DIY-her!

    Do you have a DIY loving lady on your Christmas list? Here's a gift guide for the DIY-her that's sure to make your shopping easier! | Gypsy Magpie

    Compound Miter Saw | Paint Sprayer | Furniture Dolly | OFMP | Silhouette Cameo 3 | Ear Protection
    Saw Horses | Paint Brush Cover | Cordless Glue Gun | Tape Measure | Quick Clamps
    General Finishes | Woodburner | Brad Nailer | Respirator | Paint Brush Comb
    Corded Glue Gun | Sander | Spray Paint Handle | Sanding Sponges | The Handbuilt Home
    Deck Wrecker | Hardware | Painter’s Pyramid | Paint Brushes | Kreg-jig
    Classes | Combo Kit | Paint Shelter | Jigsaw


    Yes peeps, we’re talking tools!

    No, no, don’t be scared. I’m here to answer questions and walk you through this! What I want you to see is that there are tons of options out there for your tastes, needs, and wallet. You can go big or go small, there is a tool at every price range in this gift guide. I’ve included the ones that I like or use but don’t feel obligated to go with these brands. If you only believe in buying the high-end tools, then, by all means, go for it! I’ve included some of those. But if you’re counting your pennies like me, then don’t feel bad. Tools are tools.

    This gift guide for the DIY-her just made shopping for the DIY loving girl in your life so much easier!

    Don’t get me wrong, I would die a happy woman if someone gave me a DeWalt combo kit but since that’s not in our family budget the Ryobi version would absolutely still make my Christmas! I have to tell you, I’ve been REALLY happy with my Ryobi tools so far and highly recommend them, especially for the hobby builder or first-time tool buyer. Makes me wonder how I suffered through the dirt cheapies from that one store with the coupon book and fish misrepresentation for all those years. But at least I had some kind of tools, right?
    Better than nothing plus my cursing has become much more robust, so there’s that.

    I will say one thing though if you are going with a combo kit from one company it’s a good idea to buy the other battery powered tools from that company also. That way you can share batteries with all your tools and won’t have to go buy another battery just for that one drill. The corded stuff doesn’t matter, you can go with the one that makes your heart happy. Got it? Alrighty then.


    You knew I had to include some paint on this list, right?
    It makes me smile.

    Two of my very favorite brands of paint are from General Finishes and Old Fashioned Milk Paint. Don’t get the two confused because they are not the same.

    General Finishes is an acrylic base and goes on smooth like butter and it’s easy to spray or brush on. It’s crafted specifically for furniture and I love that because it won’t peel off your piece like latex. I used it HERE on a darling little secretary desk and HERE on some pretty tables. Not only does General Finishes have great paint, but their finishes and stains are hands down my favorite! I buy General Finishes products on Amazon, at Woodcraft in Salt Lake City, and you can also find some of the finishes (usually not the paint though *sad face*) at small boutique stores like my friend April’s shop in Spanish Fork. If you sign up for Woodcraft’s email, you get a 10% off coupon.

    Old Fashioned Milk Paint, or OFMP, is a true milk paint. It’s completely non-toxic and will give you that chippy gorgeous passed down since great granny’s farm aesthetic. Warning! It’s definitely got a learning curve and she’ll probably have to practice, but I love this paint. I used it HERE on my son’s dresser, in the color Tavern Green. You can buy OFMP on Amazon and also at Woodcraft. I’ve been toying with the idea of selling it here from the blog so it’s easier to get my hands on, but we’ll see. Any interest? By the way, both paint companies have really fun Instagram feeds to follow, if you are looking for paint inspiration.

    These aren’t the only furniture paint companies I love. I also use Sweet Pickins, Four Chair’s, and several others but alas, my collagey pic was full. As for latex, if she’s working on the house then wall paint is always appreciated. Just don’t buy her the cheap junk because cheap paint is a deal breaker. I’m not saying you have to go Ben Moore (however that is the bomb) but at least man up to some Sherwin Williams. Sorry, y’all. Bad paint is where I draw the line. Good paint = happy wife. And, happy wives are goooood.

    Long story short, if you buy your DIY-her paint, she’ll probably kiss you. If you buy her paint AND chocolate, she’ll probably kiss you on the mouth. Even better.

    Sweet Pickins Milk Paint has the prettiest packaging! It would make a great gift for a DIY-her! | Gypsy Magpie

    By the way, winner for prettiest packaging is Sweet Pickins!
    All the heart eyes, and squirrels.

    And yes, that is indeed what I did there. Oopsies.

    Stocking Stuffers

    Just because you don’t have the cash to buy her tools doesn’t mean you can’t fill her stocking with goodies!

    I’ve included some of my favorite smalls on the gift guide for that exact purpose. It’s possible you didn’t even know she needed them, but she does! These are the handy dandy little guys that I use for nearly every project I do. The Paint Pyramids are tiny yellow helpers of happiness and the noise canceling ear protectors have saved what little hearing I have left. Yes, I am aware that she can stick her paint brush in a plastic bag but that little paintbrush keeper is pretty darn fabulous. Paint comb? She needs it so deal. Does she technically need both a cordless AND a traditional glue gun? Ok dude, you obviously are taking the less is more philosophy way too far. One for the craft room and one for the garage. Duh!

    Anyhooo, I hope this little gift guide gave you some ideas for that “hard to shop for” DIY girl. Come on think about it, she’s really not all that difficult! Let’s sum up. Tools, paint, and supplies. See, not hard. If all else fails, give her money or gift cards so she can go buy her own cool stuff. Want to up your game? Attach it to a pallet. You might get more than a kiss on the mouth for that one!

    Happy shopping!
    Oh, and to all my DIY-her friends out there, just keep being you.

    Do you have a DIY loving lady on your Christmas list? Here's a gift guide for the DIY-her that's sure to make your shopping easier! | Gypsy Magpie

    What would be your ultimate DIY gift?










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  • Teddi
    8 December 2016

    This was such a helpful gift guide. Unique too!!

    • Missy
      20 December 2016

      Thanks Teddi!

  • Anna
    9 December 2016

    Those spray paint nozzles changed my spray paint game! So necessary. These are all such good ideas. I think I may need to send a link to my husband.

    • Missy
      20 December 2016

      The spray paint nozzle is amazing! Hope you do, and that he gets you something fun! Merry Christmas!