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    Vintage Whites Fall Market

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    One of my favorite vintage markets is next weekend, y’all!

    I think you guys know by now that I have a thing for old stuff.
    Being surrounded by history makes my heart sing, been like that all my life.

    When Vintage Whites announced they were coming to Utah for a fall market, I was so excited! And seriously, they couldn’t come at a better time. My trucker has been burning up the pavement lately and I could sure use a day off doing something I love. Spending the day with my mama, walking around a beautiful old building filled with vintage goodies sounds like the perfect Saturday to me!


    Vintage Whites Market is a dream!

    via Vintage Whites Market

    Vintage Whites is one of my all time favorite accounts to follow on Instagram, so a when they posted that they were bringing their market to Utah I knew I had to go. For the last couple years, the girls in my family have been going to their spring market in March. March is my birthday month and there is nothing I love more than spending a day with my mother and aunties. Funny that my trucker was gone for that market too. Stinker.

    On a related note, anybody looking for a trucking job?
    We’re hiring!
    My kids would love you forever.

    Here are some pics I took of Vintage Whites’ Spring Market…

    Vintage Whites Spring Utah Market 2016 | Gypsy Magpie

    Black Sheep Flea always creates the most amazing booth for the market.
    I run straight to their booth every year.

    Not only does Suzie bring in the neatest items, but just her booth set up makes my heart flutter! She pays attention to every single detail and I LOVE it! In March, she had the coolest succulent planters. I wasn’t able to get a close up because her booth is always swarming with shoppers. But trust me, they were fabulous! If you are overwhelmed by lots of people like I am, take a deep breath and squeeze in anyway.
    I promise it’ll be worth it.

    Black Sheep Flea at Vintage Whites Spring Utah Market 2016 | Gypsy Magpie

    Black Sheep Flea at Vintage Whites | Gypsy Magpie

    I love the creativity that the vendors use to make their booth stand out.
    This girl has a ton to learn that way for my next booth. Oh sheesh, did I just commit myself?

    The vendor below totally drew me in.
    Those bed springs are awesome!

    Vintage Whites Spring Market | Gypsy Magpie

    All the windows at the Utah State Fair Park make it hard to take good photos, but sure makes it light and bright for shopping.
    I really should carry around my big camera, but who wants to do that?

    For those of you who have never been, I’ll have to take a pic of the outside next week because both buildings are so beautiful!
    Promontory Hall, the building you are seeing here, is a gorgeous old Mission style building and the Grande Building has two levels and some pretty dang fantastic chandeliers.

    Milling around Vintage Whites | Gypsy Magpie

    One thing I look forward to every year is the display as you walk through the front doors.
    The teal swing at the top of this post was from March.

    This one, from last year, gave me all the heart eyes.
    I am addicted to old oil paintings.
    Landscapes are my favorites but a good floral will grab me too!

    Vintage Whites Spring Market 2015 | Gypsy Magpie

    This one from their website is right up my alley.
    Hello, gorgeous green bike and tassel trim!

    via Vintage Whites Market

    Vintage Whites Details:

    September 23rd from noon-8pm & September 24th from 10am-5pm

    Tickets are $15 for both days or $7 for Saturday only.
    Kids 12 and under are free.

    You can buy tickets HERE.

    Special Guest this market is CARI CUCKSEY of HGTV’S CASH & CARI!

    Check out their Facebook page for vendors and giveaways.

    via Vintage Whites

    My Market Tips:

    • Bring a tote to carry your finds. There’s nothing worse than trying to juggle everything in your arms. Oh, and ditch the heavy giant mom purse. It’ll only get in your way, trust me.
    • Cash is king! Yes, most vendors have card readers these days which is awesome for the big purchases, but cash just goes sooooo much faster and keeps the lines moving. We all want the lines to keep moving, am I right?
    • Don’t hate me for saying this but I’ve got to- If at all possible, leave the strollers at home! We all know I love kids, babies are my happy, but let’s be honest, peeps. Strollers are really hard to maneuver for both parents and other shoppers when you are in tight quarters with tons of people. If you can swing it, do some baby wearing and leave the stroller for the park. Heels and shins all over the venue will thank you.
    • Make friends. There are amazing men and women behind these booths with fantastic stories. Get to know them! If you love their stuff, ask for their social media handles so you’ll know where you can shop their goodies next. Grab their business card and spread the word.
    • Come hungry. There are some crazy yummy food trucks and food booths just waiting for you!

    Girls Day at Vintage Whites! | Gypsy Magpie

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, grab your girlfriends and head to Salt Lake next weekend!

    You’ll have a blast, find treasures, and be supporting some fantastic girl bosses.
    What could be better?

    Have you been to Vintage Whites?
    If so, what’s your favorite booth?






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