• Update old wood barstools with a hit of navy paint for a whole new look on the cheap! | Gypsy Magpie

    Navy Blue Barstools

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    Update old wood barstools with a hit of navy paint for a whole new look on the cheap! | Gypsy Magpie

    When we first bought our house we were so excited to have a kitchen island. Coming from a home with a tiny kitchen that had a formica counter that periodically popped up to talk to me while I was cooking, our new granite island was heaven! I found a good deal on barstools and ordered 5 wooden swivel ones. They weren’t exactly what I was wanting, but they were in our budget and filled their purpose.

    Fast forward 6 years and only 3 of those barstools remain standing.
    My trucker is a little rough on furniture.

    We’ll call this Exhibit A.

    Navy Blue Barstools BEFORE getting some loving! Stop on over to see the AFTER! | Gypsy Magpie

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    Now back to the post…
    With 6 of us fighting over 3 stools, it became apparent that I needed to get shopping.

    While I dream of beautiful wood stools like this, I ended up buying 6 metal stools like THIS because: that dang budget, we could fit 6 around the island instead of 5, and probably most important of all… my handsome man can’t break them. Oh, the weird things you don’t know you’ll have to think about when you marry a big dude.

    Once my new barstools were in place, it was time to do something with the old ones.
    I hit them with sandpaper and some navy paint.

    A bit of navy paint can change everything | Gypsy Magpie

    Oh man, I love navy!

    My camera made them look a bit lighter, but trust me they are a rich navy blue.
    To see a truer representation of the color, check out my Map File Cabinet right HERE.

    Give your old barstools an update with a can of navy blue paint | Gypsy Magpie

    Why didn’t I paint these things years ago, you guys?
    So easy, and yet a huge difference.

    Navy Blue Barstools Product Rundown:

    Old Village acrylic paint in Navy Blue
    General Finishes High Performance Top Coat

    This set of 3 stools will be for sale on my Instagram later tonight if you are in the Northern Utah area and interested.


    So tell me, have you ever broken a piece of furniture?







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