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    Christ Centered Easter

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    A Christ Centered Easter | Gypsy Magpie

    March is here!

    Spring is on it’s way and I am incredibly excited!
    I am oh so thankful for a winter full of snow but wow, am I ready for green grass and growing things. The thought of gardening, birds chirping, and colorful flowers is getting me through these final weeks of snow here on the mountain. I drove down to Utah County this morning and the forsythia are in full bloom! After a long, wet winter those bright yellow blossoms made my heart sing! I even bought myself a few pansies to plant… though the deer will have them devoured in hours. Hooray springtime!

    One of my favorite parts of spring is celebrating the Easter holiday with my family. As much as I love the Easter egg hunts, mass amounts of candy, and fluffy bunnies, I want to focus a little deeper on our Savior this Easter. It’s so easy to get caught up in the celebration part of Easter that we sometimes lose focus on why we are celebrating in the first place! How can I create the Christ centered Easter my spirit is longing for in my own home?

    via Mormon.org

    Luckily, a group of awesome ladies have been pondering that thought for a while also. They teamed up with Sugardoodle and my church to come up with some really wonderful ways that put the focus back on the Savior this Easter. I wanted to share a few of their ideas here with you today, in hopes that maybe we can each take some of their creativity and scope home to our own families.

    Easter Advent

    Mandy Beyeler from Sugar Bee Crafts came up with a whole week’s worth of activities, food, and printables!

    Easter Advent from Sugar Bee Crafts

    Her Easter advent has something for each day leading up to Easter Sunday.

    I know this is kind of late notice, but she has darling free printables and a timeline put together so the only extras needed would be a few other supplies like plastic eggs that you probably already have at home.

    My girls are begging to make the Resurrection Rolls!

    Easter Resurrection Rolls from Sugar Bee Crafts

    You can find all of Mandy’s fantastic ideas HERE.

    Journaling Cards

    Persnickety Prints came up with these adorable printable journaling cards.

    Easter journaling cards by Persnickety Prints

    There are 12 Free 3×4 cards that are a mix of fun Easter designs and journaling prompt cards.

    They are meant for putting in pocket albums, but I think it would be awesome to have my kids fill them out and then glue or washi tape them into their little homemade gratitude journals. My girls will love the colors.

    You can download Persnickety’s cute cards HERE.

    French Toast Easter Bake & Scripture Scavenger Hunt

    Colette from My Computer is My Canvas came up with this yummy breakfast and scavenger hunt.

    French Toast Easter Bake and Scripture Scavenger Hunt by My Computer is My Canvas


    This recipe is totally kid friendly and there are baking tips and printable recipe cards all ready to go. My family loves french toast so I am really excited to do this with my fam.

    Look how darling her recipe cards are!

    Yummy French Toast Easter Bake and Scripture Scavenger Hunt by My Computer is My Canvas

    You can find the recipe and details HERE.

    “He Lives” Free Printable Easter Decor

    Easter falls early this year and chasing the tail of St. Patrick’s Day, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have time to decorate. Paging Supermom came up with a whole slew of Easter decor and the best part is, you can print it at home for free!

    Free Printable Easter Decor from Paging Supermom

    Not only does she have this darling banner, but she has a whole printable collection to create a memorable Easter dinner for your family including all the instructions and everything you will need to recreate her pretty tablescape.

    You can find her sweet printables HERE.

    Scripture Printable

    Melissa Esplin created 3 great projects but my favorite one has to be this beautiful scripture printable.
    I loved it so much, I shared it last Sunday on Instagram. I rarely ever share other people’s work on my Instagram feed, but this gorgeous printable really captured my feelings on Easter.

    What better way than John 3:16 to proclaim the message of Christ.
    I think this could be stunning displayed any time of year.

    Free Scripture Printable from Melissa Esplin

    You can find the download to this scripture printable HERE and her other two projects HERE and HERE.

    #hallelujah Envelopes

    Heidi Swapp came up with a very meaningful printable that would make the perfect Easter gift for a loved one.

    Heidi Swapp's beautiful #hallelujah Envelopes that help tell the story of Easter

    She created a series of printables that are cut and crafted into envelopes. Each envelope getting progressively smaller, like “Matryoshka”, or Russian nesting dolls, do. The message that is shared as each envelope is opened touches the heart and truly tells of the gift that is ours if we take it.

    He did it for you, and for me.

    #hallelujah Envelopes from Heidi Swapp

    I’m really tempted to make up several of these and hide them throughout my valley for someone to find.
    A special heartfelt random act of kindness with an Easter message.

    As many of you know, Heidi lost her son this past year. As a mother, I can not imagine the pain she has felt. Please go read her post about sharing the story of Easter. Grab a kleenex. All the instructions and her printable envelopes, along with her beautiful testimony of Jesus Christ can be found HERE.

    My friends, I hope these awesome ideas have gotten you thinking like they have me.

    I am so thankful for a loving Savior. Because of Him, I can try again. Because of Him and His gift to me, there is hope and there is peace even in a dark and angry world. I am completely and utterly imperfect and broken, but through His grace I can be made whole. He polishes my rough edges, lifts my soul, and helps me shine. He died that I might live and for that I sing #hallelujah.

    Happy Easter to you and yours!
    All my love


    How will you share the story
    and create a Christ centered Easter
    with your family?



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  • Heather Mecham
    21 March 2016

    I love your idea of leaving the envelopes in random places for people to find. They really do share such a beautiful message!

    • Missy
      23 March 2016

      Thanks for stopping by, Heather! Heidi did a fabulous job with those envelopes. I just love it!

  • MeckMom
    23 March 2016

    Such a fabulous Easter post!! Thanks so much for sharing all these great resources.