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    How to Get Clean Paint Lines

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    It appears that I have unknowingly started a months long project.
    Don’t you just love when that happens?

    I’ve already been painting for a month and I’m not even half way done yet. Sad face.

    I’m trying to remember to embrace the process, but man are there moments when I just want to shell out the big bucks and pay someone else to come in and finish it all! I have to remind myself that if I hire somebody, then I’ll have no money left in the budget for the fun stuff I want to do after the paint. Being a home owner is a blast sometimes, isn’t it?

    I finally finished the kitchen and living room, so I guess there’s that.
    The ceiling is painted and I have begun the walls of the entry, hall, and stairwell where the ceiling from the main floor wraps around and turns into the wall of the stairwell. This is where the white ceiling paint meets into the soft greige wall paint.

    How to get crisp, clean paint lines | Gypsy Magpie

    I have a little trick I use to create nice clean paint lines, so I thought I’d share it with you all today.
    It’s so simple and yet crazy effective!

    Here’s what you do:

    1. Tape off your line where you’d like it.
    2. Paint the base color along the edge of your line. This seals the tape with the base color which will keep the top color from bleeding through. For me, that base color was the white ceiling paint.
    3. After the base color is dry, paint over that edge with your second color, in my case that’s the Classic Grey wall paint.
    4. Let the paint dry.
    5. Peel off your painters tape and admire your nice clean paint lines!

    How to get clean paint lines | Gypsy Magpie

    This is my go to method for making crisp, clean paint lines.

    It works great for painting those fun yet pesky to paint stripes and other patterns that make you want to rip out all your hair.
    Oh, and it is slick for more than just walls, this tip totally works for craft projects too!

    I’m enjoying this “extra” day of the year and taking the day off of painting. I’m doing some writing, catching up on laundry, and tackling mountainous clutter piles in my craft room. It’s amazing how quickly the house goes to pot when you are knee deep in a project, isn’t it? I also started an exercise/eating focus this morning so send me all your healthy meal recipes! Birthday month starts tomorrow and I’m looking to begin my 27th (*wink wink*) year off on a good note physically. My kids think I’m magic because I turn 27 every year. I started off with 5 younger brothers and this year I’ll be a middle child! Dang, I AM magic… or delusional, but whatever. Don’t pee in my Cheerios.


    Happy Leap Day!



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