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    Last week, I asked some of my kids what their dreams were for 2016. We’ve been talking about Imagination this month for our Family Focus, and big part of imagination is dreaming. I wanted to know what my kiddos would do if they could do anything they wanted this year, the sky was the limit. My youngest would eat donuts for breakfast every single day, my middle daughter would become a famous 8 year old fashionista, and my oldest girl would quit school and build her own library so she could read ALL day. They got giggly as they built on each other’s words to create dreams about flying south until spring on bright colored bird wings and taking an adventure to Elsa’s castle with a snow-hare.

    My daughters aren’t going to be growing feathers any time soon and I’m afraid donuts for breakfast 365 days a year would get old pretty fast but that wasn’t the point of my little exercise. When they shared their wild dreams, I was able to catch a little glimpse of what made them tick, what they had a passion for. My oldest daughter loves books. Reading is the most precious of all activities to her. Every time she starts another chapter, she is transported deeper into a grand adventure no matter how tight the finances are this month or how much snow is outside our door. Listening to their dreams helped me as a mother to understand what is most important to them. I know that could have been found another way, but this bit of dreaming sure was fun.

    After everyone went to bed, I thought a little bit about my own dreams for the new year and was embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t even thought that far. Isn’t it funny how we mothers do that sometimes? We think about everybody else but forget about ourselves. So, I made myself some hot cocoa, took a nice long bubble bath, and thought about my own dreams.

    I used to make New Year’s Resolutions every year. I’d sit down and make all these rigid goals and then feel awful that I hardly ever made a dent by December. That’s when I started choosing a word to put my energy towards. Just one thing that I wanted to get better at each year. This year my word is FOCUS and though each day is a struggle, I’m sure trying. I have been aching to paint my main floor since January started but I have a desk and a coffee table to get out of the garage and a Scout Court of Honor to prep for first, because I promised myself… and my husband. Every time I find myself reaching for the paint can, I take a deep breath and head back to the Pit of Despair that is scout advancement. I am so close to being finished and itching to grab my paint brush and though I’ve feel incredibly anxious, it sure feels good to see the finish line up ahead too.

    I’m trying hard to be an adult here people! But, after I coming up with a paper full of goals that I knew I wouldn’t keep I realized there comes a point where there is just too much adult, and too much adult makes Missy a dull girl. So, I went back to the creative mental exercise that I had done earlier with my girls and asked myself, “If I could do anything, what would I do?”

    What do I wish for myself in 2016?

    Wish List 2016 + Free Printable | Gypsy Magpie

    With a little imagination and a little less adult, I wrote down some dreams and wishes. Then from those, I was able to figure out some of the things that are making me click right now, in this year of my life.

    Wish List 2016 + Free Printable | Gypsy Magpie

    Here are a few things I wished for myself…

    • A Fenced Garden & My Dream Chicken Coop: Yep, my garden and coop are at the top of my wish list this year… complete with cupola and weather-vane. Is it odd that I dream about garden gates and being able to stand up and walk into my chicken coop, because I do. The old chicken coop has fallen apart, board by board and the deer destroyed my makeshift fence this year. The stinkers ripped the whole dang thing apart. But, it’s been over 4 years since we stapled that netting up so maybe that was nature’s way of saying it’s time I took my dreams out of my head and brought them to life. I dream about pretty coops on the regular and have a Pinterest board full of them. Have you seen my darling Instagram friend Sherelle’s coop? It takes me to a happy place. Now that is a great big old wish if I ever did see one! Yes, please. Everything Sherelle touches is beautiful and full of color and I love it.Sherelle Christensen's Chicken Coop

    via My Crazy Life as a Farmer’s Wife

    • Adventures, Adventures, Adventures: Let’s be honest, my dream is to go to Tahiti, but since that ain’t about to happen so I’ll settle for the chance to hike Angel’s Landing down at Zion’s National Park with my son. My manchild would LOVE it. I am 99.9% positive that I can talk Red into going with us if I pay the gas to get there. I don’t spend enough one on one time with each of my children, so I’d like to create some memories like that this year. I also want to spend some days on the beach in Oceanside and eat Harbor Fish & Chips with my aunties, plus take an overnighter somewhere/anywhere with the hubs. Those are the biggies but like last year, I want to jam in as many little adventures as possible. My kids are old enough now that camping is a blast and doesn’t require as much effort as when they were tiny. I guess that is a perk to not having a baby on my hip anymore… just looking on the bright side.
    • Learn Something New: Random fact about me… I could have stayed in school taking random classes forever. I’m so weird. I have always loved to learn and try new things. I’d like to take a quilting class from the new quilt shop that is opening in my valley and I’d love to try my hand at lettering. I found the neatest feed on Instagram that makes me want to run out and buy a Tombo marker ASAP. My hubby is going to make fun of me, but I’m going to take that photography class I’ve thought about but haven’t had the guts to commit to for the past 4 years! I signed up for THIS class if you want to take it too. Oh and just a heads up, Craftsy is having a giveaway for 5 free classes until the end of January so if you want to learn something new this year and you haven’t entered yet click HERE. If you win you have to come back here and tell me all about what classes you choose! See, so weird.
    • Too Many House Projects to Mention: #shiplap #fixerupper #cryinghusband

    I made myself a little printable that you are welcome to use to do your wish list brainstorming. You can find it HERE. All you do is grab some fun colored pens and start writing. Think of it as a brain dump for dreams. Then once you fill up the page, I think about how you could make some of those wishes come true, even if only on the smallest scale. Step back and look at it as a whole, you might just see what things make your heart happy right now. Do more of those things!

    Remember, these wishes are just for you, don’t feel guilty or embarrassed.
    Mamas need dreams, too.


    What is one thing you wish for yourself this year?


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  • Jennie McCullough
    21 January 2016

    Missy, You are my inspiration! Love you! – jen

    • Missy
      27 January 2016

      Oh, my friend, how I miss you!