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    TrueLipids Review

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    Several months ago I attended a conference where Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting gave a presentation on different skin ailments and talked about the product line she had developed. Cheryl is a board certified dermatologist in Alpine, Utah, who has worked with the National Institutes of Health and specializes in sensitive skin issues. My husband and all of my children have varying degrees of sensitive skin so I found what she talked about fascinating. She showed photos of children she had treated and they may as well have been photos of my own kids. I was shocked and a little relieved that I wasn’t the only mother out there trying to raise children with uncontrollable skin because I had always felt so alone.

    My oldest child was covered with intense eczema from about 2 months old until around his 7th birthday and it was miserable! People were always pointing it out, everywhere from church to the grocery store and I became really embarrassed. His chubby sweet face was raw all the time and he had open bleeding wounds on his cute little fat rolls. I felt like I must be doing something wrong or that I wasn’t taking good care of my boy. I tried everything under the sun but nothing seemed to work. My experience with him and the research I did in the 12 years since his birth, led me to take all perfumes and dyes out of our laundry, bath products, and lotions. I threw away my fabric softener, gave up dryer sheets, and said goodbye to the pretty pink bottles of yummy smelling baby lotion that I loved so much. I also worked hard to decrease the amounts of chemicals in our home. My 3 younger children were each born with skin sensitivities, my middle daughter having many of the same kinds of issues as her older brother.

    While my kids’ skin is much better these days, they still have flare ups that I have never been able to quite get a handle on so what Dr. Eberting was talking about really grabbed my attention. It was so nice to hear that I was working in the right direction with trying to remove chemicals and added perfumes in our home. I loved the idea that her products were fragrance, paraben, PEG & formaldehyde free (along with being free of like 20 other toxins and allergens) and were also hypoallergenic. I also liked that she had studied eczema and her products had the National Eczema Association’s acceptance and approval.

    I talked with her assistant after the conference and told him about my experience with my kids. He gave me some of her products to try at home on my family.

    I have been using the products on my family since and for the most part have seen some really great results. I didn’t love the lip balm, but I have been able to get control over a skin issue of my own using another of her products. We all know I love DIY and the outdoors, right? I spend a ton of time working with tools, play the guitar, enjoy being outside in the elements, and my humongous man hands show it especially in the winter. I generally have some pretty ugly callouses, cracks, and roughness. I am definitely not a delicate flower, but thankfully my trucker doesn’t mind.

    In October my hands started their annual winter splitting so I began applying Dr. Cheryl’s TrueLipids Ceramide+ Cream and my hands went from cracked to baby soft. I’m feeling all sorts of lady like! Ok, not really but at least I’m looking a little bit prettier. I’m not saying my hands are perfect, they are still ugly as sin and in desperate need of some self tanner, plus I slammed my ring finger against a cabinet the other day because I’m about as graceful as I am dainty, but they sure look better than they did. On a side note, did you know taking pictures of your own hands is hard? Well, now you do.

    Here are my hands BEFORE:

    My review of Cheryl Lee, MD's TrueLipids Ceramide+ Cream | Gypsy Magpie

    Here are my hands AFTER:

    My review of Cheryl Lee, MD's TrueLipids Ceramide+ Cream | Gypsy Magpie

    And, here is what the tube and the cream look like in real life:

    My review of Cheryl Lee, MD's TrueLipids Ceramide+ Cream | Gypsy Magpie

    Now let’s get to the nitty-gritty…

    I have been putting this on after my morning shower and at night before I go to bed. The cream feels nice and it lasts all day. It does feel a little greasy, I guess because it’s supposed to act as a protective barrier, but I haven’t minded. The stuff really does work and I like it. The only con is that it is pretty expensive for a penny pincher like me, but it does last a long time and a little goes a long way. If you have really dry skin and the price fits in your budget, you should totally try out this cream because it’s good stuff.

    You can go HERE to learn more about Dr. Eberting and her sensitive skin products or simply click on the banner below. If you have skin issues and live near Utah County, I think she would be a fabulous resource to talk to so you can learn more about your individual situation.

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    Do you have sensitive skin?
    What have you found works for you?
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