• My One Word 2016: Focus

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    The New Year is here!
    A fresh start, a new beginning, and another word.

    I have been thinking about my One Word for 2016 for over a month and the same concept keeps coming back to me. It must be a boomerang because I throw it away and it comes right back. That dang word just seems to pop up everywhere, at church, on social media, in books, in my sleep. It’s couldn’t be more apparent if the Lord was hitting me on the head with it. The problem is, I don’t know if I am brave enough to tackle this one. I reeeeeeeeally don’t want to, there I said it.

    I’ve talked about my struggles sitting still several times, most recently HERE. It has been a life long battle and while I do feel I am so much better now than I was as a kid, I know I have a long way to go. While I realize that no word will ever fully change my brain, I can take steps to help myself walk in the right direction.

    My One Word 2016: Focus | Gypsy Magpie

    So this year, after throwing a hissy fit and putting up a big fight, I’m choosing to FOCUS.

    Now will somebody please pick my mama off the floor then give her a Diet Coke when she comes to? Thanks! And yes, those bottlecaps really do belong to me. Go ahead and make fun, what’s new? I was hipster before hipster was a cool. I haven’t been able to see 6 inches in front of my nose without glasses or contacts since I was knee high to a grasshopper, so this focusing issue has to be somebody else’s fault, right?
    Dang genetics anyway.

    Yeah, squirrel, what’s your point?

    This year I want to work on, me… and I don’t even know how to describe it or where to start.
    I just want to finish things. I want to have something to show for all my flitting about and busy bee-ness. (Did you know Melissa means “honey-bee”, one more reason I can’t sit still. Way to go, Dad! As if the Pyne genes weren’t enough. Sigh.) I want to accomplish something. I know that might sound silly to you, but to me it’s a dream. I have so many ideas but I can never stick to one thing long enough to make anything of it. I have been blessed with so many gifts and talents, I can do amazing things if I can keep focused. So I guess that’s the goal, to use this coming year to find what works and doesn’t work. To start AND finish things. To find what feels good and moves me forward at the same time. I want to see the good. To focus on what matters and stop being distracted by what doesn’t.

    Focus on What Matters... Focus, my one word for 2016 | Gypsy Magpie

    Here are some of the things I want to focus on in 2016:

    • My Savior & my testimony
    • My marriage & family
    • Living in the now
    • Creating
    • My business & this little creative happy place
    • My home
    • Finances
    • Health
    • Learning and strengthening talents & skills
    • Service

    Don’t get me wrong, I feel like my little quirks make me who I am and I don’t want to change that.
    I just want to learn a little bit more about how to work those quirks. I want to be a little better and I want to make dreams happen while still being my sparkly self. There has to be a balance somewhere between a lion and a monkey and I want to find it. I’m hoping that balance is a unicorn because come on, who wouldn’t want to be a unicorn?

    Unicorn or not, I’m excited for the clean slate and the adventure.

    Stay Focused and Extra Sparkly! Focus... my one word for 2016 | Gypsy Magpie


    What is your one little word for 2016?




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