• Tears, Planning, and Big Dreams {Gypsy Magpie} with beautiful image by Seedling Paperie on Etsy and Instagram, go check her out!

    Tears, Planning, and Big Dreams

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    Well y’all, my little is officially in school.
    Don’t even get me started, I’ve cried enough as it is.

    Needless to say, she did much better yesterday than I did! She was awake, dressed, and wearing her fox backpack at 6am. I watched her climb aboard the school bus with a skip in her step and a 100 watt smile on her beautiful little face. As she waved from the window I fought back silly mama tears. Her next big adventure has just begun, but this time without me.

    I guess we are both starting new adventures though, aren’t we?

    I’m still trying to figure out what my adventure will look like and what will be created. I’m incredibly terrified but excited too. While my baby girl was rocking her 1st day of Kinder, I was doing some “schoolwork” of my own; planning, calendaring, preparing, and daydreaming what is to come in this new season of my life and my creative business. I normally hate planning with a passion, but with the help of a couple sweet friends, I am seeing the folly of my ways. Now, I’m not saying planning is going to be an every day thing, don’t push me!
    But, I’m working on it, little by little.

    Tears, Planning, and Big Dreams {Gypsy Magpie} with beautiful image by Seedling Paperie on Etsy and Instagram, go check her out!

    via Seedling Paperie on Etsy
    I drool over all her gorgeous things, check out her shop
    and follow her HERE on Instagram!

    Here are some of my thoughts:

    • Create- joy, friendship, inspiration, fun, adventure, peace, and faith
    • Help supplement our family’s income
    • Rehab, refresh, and create more fun pieces for myself and others to enjoy
    • Share more here on the blog
    • Be a better asset to my family business– they’ve asked me to be the social media manager plus write their website’s blog
    • Save money and prepare for my big dream, MY BARN.
      Yep, I said barn. A fun, little place where I can teach creative classes on DIY, gardening, canning, the outdoors/adventuring, home-makery and other hippie-ness. A creative, uplifting atmosphere, where I can host markets, parties, camp-outs, and fairs, raise animals, and help others learn & grow. This is my end all, beat all dream. This is the one I want more than anything else creatively, but it’s also the star that will take the longest to reach and be the hardest to touch. It will require land, a barn, a big kitchen, and money… all of which I don’t have. Someday, when it’s closer to reality, this big dream will have a more catchy name, I promise, but until then, it’s just my barn. A little honesty though- I have been dreaming of this happy place for years now and have never put it out there publicly. They say that writing something down makes it real so here it is for all to see. All I ask is, if you live near me, please don’t steal my dream. Mmmmkay?

    I’ve got a lot to do over the next couple months.
    Can I really do this?
    Can I physically create the visions and dreams that play in my head? I don’t really know how it will happen or when I’m going to get there. But, it feels good to be lost in the right direction. Like my dad always says, “It’s just the around the next bend.” I guess the journey is half the fun.

    I’m ready for the adventure.



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