• The Last Summer of the Littles {Gypsy Magpie}

    The Last Summer of the Littles

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    It’s been a little quiet around here the past couple months but so much has happened.
    No, there isn’t something big going on behind the scenes. Instead, my focus has been on something, or rather someone, quite small.

    You see, in 23 days my “season”, as my grandmother likes to call it, officially changes… my baby girl starts school.

    Sometime during the first few weeks of June, while playing with my daughter, it occurred to me that this was my last summer of littles. The last time I would have a child home with me to pester and play. She was changing from little to girl, whether this mama was ready or not. It was that moment that I decided to fill these last long sunny days with joy.
    We’ve been hiking mountains, exploring wildflower fields, swimming in cold Pacific waters, collecting seashells, learning that starfish have eyes, finding dirt to play in and trails to adventure down, catching tiny fish, tubing canals, playing with cousins, and searching the night sky for shooting stars.

    The Last Summer of Littles {Gypsy Magpie}

    I’ll have projects, food, and adventures to share here shortly, but for this brief moment my heart is savoring my last summer of littles. I ask you to please excuse my silence as I have memories to create and only 23 days left to squish them in.
    I know you understand.

    Wishing you all a glorious final few days of summer!
    May they be filled with whatever it is that makes your soul sing.


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  • Jenny
    14 August 2015

    You’re a great momma and your kids are super lucky to have you. I can’t believe that’s your baby! Enjoy the last little bit and I’ll try to remember how fast growing up happens and enjoy mine too ;)

    • Missy
      14 August 2015

      The days are long but the years are short, sweet friend! It feels like you are drowning when you are in the middle of babyhood and then you turn around and they are kids. Love ya girl.