• Friday Favorites #9: Health Helpers

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    This month I have been working hard trying to get a little healthier. Things sort of fell apart for me after my ACCIDENT and I decided on the year marker of that MESS that I deserved to feel good again. I never had a clue how much snapping your clavicle or ripping parts of your body apart would hurt! Or, how long it would take to feel normal again, let alone that your definition of normal changes. The body heals but it is never fully the same, sounds like a metaphor for life, right?
    Here are some of my favorite things that have helped me start on my path back to wellness…

    Friday Favorites {Gypsy Magpie}

    Star   Since we are paying off medical bills and also trying to save up for yet another round of big medical bills, I don’t have a gym membership. So, I am loving all the free at home workouts that I am finding online right now. My cousin’s friend at CLASSY CLUTTER has a great post that links to 10 great workouts that you can do at home.
    I have started collecting workouts I find on my HEALTH board on Pinterest if you’d like more ideas. I am especially loving the Crossfit style ones because some days there just isn’t a ton of time to exercise and these exercises give great results fast! I love that I can use my own body weight and don’t need a ton of equipment to work up a sweat.

    Star   When I workout I need music because I feed off the energy of the songs. Did you know that PANDORA has workout stations? {Don’t forget to click the highlighted LINKS to get a better idea of what I’m talking about.}

    My favorite Pandora workout stations are:

          Dance Cardio Radio

          Pop & Hip Hop Power Workout

         Country Fitness Radio

         Classic Rock Power Workout

         Yoga Radio

    Star   BODYROCK APP: I won’t lie, I do not love the actual app or BodyRock website. It’s just not my style whatsoever. But, I do love their Yoga instructor, Teisha, and the links to her free workouts that I get through the app. I’m still looking for a better app that is more focused on Yoga and Pilates than lifting crazy amounts of weight and wearing teeny amounts of clothes. So, if you find one, please let me know! If you are just trying out yoga, Teisha is great. One time she talked about how some people store stress and emotion in their hips and absolutely blew my mind because I totally do that! My hips have been a constant challenge my entire life. Now I know what a hip opener is and why I need to do them.

    Star   That leads into the next one of my favorites, yoga. I never thought that I would enjoy yoga because I am not very good at sitting still and my mind races a hundred miles a minute all day long. I have resisted it for years. All I knew of yoga was what I had seen of some psychedelic gal with a laie on her head in Hawaii on a PBS exercise show. Tripppppppy! When I took a class from a friend of mine last year I was instantly hooked. The feeling of connection to my whole self was amazing. I am slowly gaining strength, have been learning to EXHALE, and it is kind of rad to see my body do things I didn’t know it could. Maybe my ADD and inability to hold still actually makes yoga beneficial for me. It’s good for me to quiet my mind and be grounded.

    Star   I’m not sure how I stumbled on it, but I found the cutest girl on Instagram named Lynsey and I have really been inspired with some of the things she does in her life. She lives in Texas {near JUNK GYPSY headquarters, which is completely unfair. Lucky girl!} with her farmer and 5 little chicks. You can find her at FIVE CHICKS AND A FARMER. She recently started another Instagram page where she shares her wellness and natural health ideas. You can find that HERE. She’s got me thinking about all sorts of good stuff and I am learning a lot. Check her out.

    Star   Dandy Blend:
    Friday Favorites {Gypsy Magpie}
    A couple months ago, that same Lynsey shared a photo that peaked my curiosity. She talked about her love of DANDY BLEND and how because of it she kicked her coffee habit. I have a hot cocoa habit…an intense one. Like as in I hated the food on my cruise this fall so I lived off the 24 hour hot chocolate the entire 3 days. Now I crave it. I figured that dandelion root was crazy good for us, so why not give it a shot. It tastes sort of like the Pero my cute nana used to drink when I was growing up and I really like the smell. I can’t drink it straight. I have to add some stevia, cream, and cinnamon or sometimes some sugar free TORANI syrup, but it does hit the spot when I am longing for something hot and comforting to drink on a cold Utah day. It only has 5 calories a serving so I don’t feel that bad adding a little sweetness. The cool thing about it is you can use it in all your recipes that call for coffee. I’m thinking there may be a little tiramisu in my near future! After all, life is a balance. There is room for the fun, calorie laden, decadent stuff, too.

    What are you fav healthy things this month?

    And, seriously, if you know of a good yoga app that doesn’t involve anybody getting high to follow it, please share with me!


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  • JackiePedersen
    24 January 2014

    Oooh, I should try the Dandy Blend! I’m always looking for soothing replacers for my previously beloved steaming coffee.
    I’m going to try it!