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    I am sore and feeling a little wierded out that three total strangers all handled my breast this morning. Yet, at the same time I honestly couldn’t be more thankful that they did. I ended up needing several mammograms and an ultrasound before the radiologist decided to come in for yet another ultrasound just to be certain. The dude wanted to be thorough and precise, which made me nervous but strangely comforted.

    The result?

    A pocket of cysts.


    Nothings {Gypsy Magpie}

    I feel so good I could fly, except I haven’t had a superhero cape since I was 3, so I’ll just jump around hysterically and maybe do that little happy dance that my kids have banned me from doing…I can hear the embarrassed groans now. Mwaaahahaha!

    I am filled with gratitude for those 3 individuals who preformed those tests today. I think that in this day and age of “health care reform” people in the medical field get a bad rap. My husband helps run a small business…we have horrible insurance. These tests are going to cost us a lot of money that we don’t have. But, they were given with utmost care by people who dedicate their lives to the health of others. I am breathing easier because these three people worked together and found the answers in a frightening situation. I don’t know what this country should do about insurance and health care, but I do know that having health means everything so when I pay those bills, I’ll be reminded that it very easily could have been the “C” word and those bills could have been so much more.

    In the car ride home, my husband said that he knew all along that this mass was nothing.Then went on to say that I can rest easy until next year when they find another nothing and everybody gets all worked up again. {*Insert wife’s massive eye roll here*}

    He’s probably right.

    It would be easier not to know that I carry THIS DEFECTIVE GENE. I can’t lie, some days I really wish I didn’t know. But, all these scary “nothings” will be worth it if, or when, that little “nothing” turns into a something. Early detection is key, early detection I probably wouldn’t have if I didn’t know what I know. Science is a double edge sword. Most of the lumps they find in my lifetime will indeed be “nothings” and yet, there is a nearly 90% chance that one will be something. Is knowledge really power or is it debilitating? I guess that is up to me.

    I watched this video early this morning to give myself some courage for what I was about to do.

    via lds.org

    It was a great reminder to me that these are “the kind of experiences that stretch our understanding, build our character, and increase our compassion for others.” I will put my trust in the Lord, do my best and leave the rest to Him.

    So, with a happy heart, I get ready to take on the rest of my day. My sweetheart will head back to work, and life will rush back to it’s regular pace, maybe with a little extra time on my knees added in for good measure.

    I feel blessed, nothings and all.


    Come what may and love it.


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  • Ashley Griffiths
    25 September 2013

    Love that is wasn’t serious! I was worried a little