• Live Happy Challenge

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    Yesterday, on a SHOW I like to watch, DR. MATT TOWNSEND talked about how to live happy. {I DVR’d the show and watched it this morning while I was attempting to tackle the leaning tower of laundry I’ve been putting off for days…yep, piles of folded clothes never go put away. You surprised? You shouldn’t be.} In his segment he shared his 7 Day Plan to Live Happy and it really caught my attention. Here’s the basics:

    Day 1: Stay Present in the Moment

    Day 2: Work From Your Strengths

    Day 3: See the Good Today

    Day 4: Smile the Blues Away

    Day 5: Turn Your Arrows Outward

    Day 6&7: Repeat What Works

    I think this stood out to me because yesterday I was ornery. Ornery as in “stay away from Mama if you wish to live” kind of ornery. My husband is down 2 employees so he has had to do his own job plus the trucking work lately. We’ve seen him maybe 6 days in the past 23 and he left again this morning. I try really hard to be supportive of my husband and his job. After all, it is his hard work that allows me to be home taking care of our children. He enjoys what he does and he does it well all while being a fantastic husband and father. I am crazy proud of him! Even though I am grateful for his job, sometimes it’s lonely and frustrating being a truck widow. Some days I need an attitude adjustment. Yesterday was one of those days.

    So, I got thinking, if hubby is going to spend a large part of the next 3 months in a big rig, I guess there is no better time than now to live happy, right?

    Day 1, for me, starts bright and early tomorrow morning.

    Care to jump on the happy bandwagon?

    **Watch the segment from yesterday’s show HERE then join me in this little live happy challenge. **

    I’d love to hear what you learn!


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  • lexi magnusson
    12 September 2013

    Oh man, you need to add an asterisk to each line: *Get babysitter.

    It’s easy to say we can do those things when we’re not so depleted. I know for me, when things get hard (and not having your husband around will do it…) I go on auto pilot and can’t seem to do more than just survive. Even if it’s just for Annie in the morning sometime, DOIT. You’ve got to get a break. It makes accomplishing all of those other goals so much easier.

    • Missy
      12 September 2013

      A babysitter sounds divine. Instead we had the dreaded 7:00pm bedtime…don’t feel bad, they sooooo earned it. I’m taking some aggression out on an exercise video then setting up a hot date for my bathroom and paint roller. My husband wonders why I do projects while he is gone, he doesn’t understand that they keep me sane. Silly man.