• Live Happy Challenge: Results

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    Last week I announced to the universe that I was going to try the LIVE HAPPY CHALLENGE, big mistake. I think it’s like praying for patience. Pray for patience and somebody says, “You want patience? Hold on to your seat, girl!” That’s exactly what happened when I decided to do DR. MATT’S challenge.

    The daily tasks went really well. I learned a lot about myself on Day Two, when I took the VIA TEST. My top strengths were:

    1. Appreciation of beauty and excellence
    2. Creativity, ingenuity, and originality
    3. Love of learning
    4. Spirituality, sense of purpose, and faith
    5. Gratitude
    6. Humor and playfulness
    7. Curiosity and interest in the world
    8. Kindness and generosity
    9. Zest, enthusiasm, and energy
    10. Hope, optimism, and future mindedness

    What I struggle with… discipline, lack of caution, self control, yeah, yeah, yeah, we know.

    Yep, that’s me in a nutshell, right there.

    Day Two says to work from your strengths. After you take that assessment, you are supposed to look at your top strengths and figure out how to bring those strengths into your life. It’s funny, because I already relied heavily on those strengths to hold me together when times get difficult. My husband always wonders why I start a big project while he is gone, well, probably because creating and learning bring me joy…and I sure need some joy after he has been gone for a week or two!

    Day Five: turn your arrows outward. Yep, service. I had an experience with my YOUTH GROUP last week that really cemented this step for me. We were able to bring a meal in to a man in our neighborhood that I adore. He is a do-er. He is constantly doing something for someone else, and I have been on the receiving end of his service many, many times. This man is suffering from some very painful health problems right now and can hardly get out of bed. Seeing his face and the tears in his eyes as that group of 16-17 year olds handed him their bundles was a blessing for me. He was overwhelmed with gratitude and love for those girls. And, in return they were overwhelmed with love for him. Their eyes were opened and their souls were filled. The happiness I felt that night was almost tangible.

    At the end of the week, I had an exam. They found a LUMP. Suddenly living happy got a heck of a lot harder. This is the third one so far. Every time they have just been masses of fibrous tissue. My husband says it’s nothing. My doctor isn’t particularly concerned. My head says it’s what it was before…and yet my teeth have been on edge for days. My stress level skyrocketed, my kids declared war on my last nerve, and I started losing the battle.

    I snapped last night.

    I made this fancy, fantastically delicious soup and my family refused to eat it. I wanted to throw the soup pot, instead I put myself to bed at 7:30pm. I was hoping I’d feel better today, but I found myself on the wrong side of the bed again this morning. As I sit here, I’m reminded of a story my Nana told me once about growing up. She said that one day she was particularly grumpy and her mother had had enough, so she sent Nana to her room and told her to get back in her bed. Great-grandma told her to take a breath, put herself back together, then roll out the right side this time.

    Maybe that sweet lady has a point.

    I can choose to dwell on the unknown, or I can choose to experience the joy I felt this last week as I created, constructed, and served. It’s up to me to decide.

    So, I guess I better head back upstairs…

    Live Happy Challenge Part 2 {Gypsy Magpie}

    Speaking of beds, this old hand-me-down-laminate-monster has seen better days. {At this moment it is being held together with pin nails, hope, and some random screws.} I’m thinking my hubby just might come home from the next trucking trip to find it gone. So, there you go.

    Now nobody can say I didn’t give proper written notice.

    **Did you try the challenge**

    What did you think?

    Oh, and if you decide to, do yourself a favor and don’t tell anyone until it’s over.

    Just trust me.


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