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    This past week has been a blur.

    There has been something every day and every night. Everything has been twice as hard as it should be. The kids are still cranky from being sick plus add daylight savings time on top of that and we are talking a serious treat!

    A whole lot of attitude and not a lot of fun.

    Have you noticed how some weeks are just like that? No matter how good your intentions, things just get away from you. There is this, that, and the other, with a heaping side of NOW!

    It’s weeks like this one that I am grateful for my husband’s little dinner table game.

    highs and lows

    When we eat dinner, my man goes around the table asking each family member what their “High and Low” was for the day. For just a moment, the world stands still and I get to hear about my daughter getting 100% on her spelling test, my son’s class earning a pizza party for reading, or even how my youngest ate a bug. {Eew!}

    The noise of the world gets quiet and I can focus on them.

    It feels good.

    As soon as dinner is over, it’s homework, piano practice, one of us is rushing out the door for basketball, scouts, church activities… there is chaos and the moment is gone. But, at least it was there. Some days that little moment is what keeps me sane. In that little bit of focused time, we learn what is important to each individual child. We learn about happiness, guilt, consequences, disappointments, hurt, giggles, sharing, friendships, and love. It keeps us feeling rooted as a family amidst a sea of busyness.

    It is my high.


    *While we are talking about it, what was your high and low today*


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