• Friday Favorites {Gypsy Magpie}

    Friday Favorites

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    Here is a little bit of what I have been crushing on this week:

    Star   Urban Outfitters Zig Zag Duvet: (No longer available)

    Bought this in blue for my 8 year old’s birthday and she big puffy heart LOVES it! It’s a beautiful Tiffany Blue that thankfully tones down her pink walls. {Have I mentioned that I absolutely hate pink walls? I do.}

    I am still crushing on the yellow, but it’s her room and her birthday…


     via Urban Outfitters

    Star   Tiffini Kilgore’s Home Decor Board on Pinterest!

    Tiffini Kilgore's Home Decor Board

    It’s so me that it’s scary!

    Star   Which leads to my next one…



    Tiffini’s gorgeous blog, The House of Belonging. I just found it and absolutely adore it.

    I love her style and her strength.

    Star   Have you got the Red Stamp app yet?

    Red Stamp App

    It’s a free smart phone app that let’s you create and send cards. My new favorite app! I’ve been horrible at remembering to put things in the mail lately. Red Stamp allows me to text, email, and even mail {not free} notes to the ones I’ve been thinking of. It’s quick and easy, which makes me love it even more!

    Here is a card we made for my parents to say thanks for spoiling my 8 year old last week…


    Star   And, lastly, this quote speaks to me right now. Just what I needed.


    via Kendra Scott

    What have you been loving this week?





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  • Kyndra
    8 February 2013

    This week I’m loving purple, loving the hope of health and alternative medicine for sick kids. I’m loving blog reading and exploring new venues for homeschool stuff ;)

  • Kyndra
    8 February 2013

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  • Kyndra
    8 February 2013

    PS: Jo’s crushing on the gray bedding I feel a redo coming on ;)