• Friday Favorites {Gypsy Magpie}

    Friday Favorites #3

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    If you’ve been following along so far, here is where I tell y’all about my very favorite things of the week. Ready?

    Here goes…


    Friday Favorites {Gypsy Magpie}

    via {Mindy Pitcher}

    Star   I am IN LOVE with Mindy Pitcher’s digital scrapbooking layouts. I am not even a digital scrapbooker and yet I can’t stop looking at them! I love that they are whimsical, fun, thought-provoking, and simple. She gives links to every layout so you know exactly where to go to get what you need. I dig that. She makes me want to pick up another hobby! But, that will have to WAIT for another season.

    Seriously, I love it.


    Friday Favorites {Gypsy Magpie}

    via {Mindy Pitcher}

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    Now back to the post…


    Star   I can’t seem to have enough of these!

    Friday Favorites {Gypsy Magpie}

    The Ikea 365+ canisters are inexpensive, cute, and addicting. I’m finally starting to get my pantry and grocery list in some sort of order {got a loooooooooong way until under control, but baby steps, right?} and it feels really good! I love that I can see exactly how much I have of something so I don’t run out in the middle of a recipe or buy 2 more bags thinking I didn’t have enough. It would help if I’d just bite the bullet and buy a ton a once instead of 2 at a time here and there, but it’s a lot more fun to spend money on shoes and throw pillows than canisters.

    Just saying.


    Star   Can I just tell you how much money I save and how much awesomeness I buy because of the Hobby Lobby 40% Off Coupon? We are BFF’s. I think my husband is starting to get nervous.

    This week I used my coupon to lower the cost of this darling pom-pom trim (that is not currently available online but you can find it in store!) that I just used to finish off the happiest lamp I’ve ever seen! {More to come on that next week! Ooh, was that a teaser?}


    Ivory Pom Pom Trim



    Anyhoo, never EVER go to Hobby Lobby without your coupon. Save money and make cute stuff.

    It just feels so right.


    Star   Finally, I have found THE dining set. I drool and sigh every time I look at it, which means it must be “the one”. Must be mine. *sigh*

    Friday Favorites {Gypsy Magpie}

    via Better Homes and Gardens by way of Censational Girl

    Substitute the turquoise mix-matched chairs for yellow ones, and you’ve got yourself the stuff my dreams are made of! *sigh again*

    What are your favorites this week?



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