• You're not as breakable as you think {Gypsy Magpie}

    Straight Jacket

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    I have officially been in this straight jacket shoulder brace for three days. I’ve been told it shall be my daily companion for 4-8 weeks.

    The dang clasp is in the back.

    I may murder the inventor when all is said and done…

    You're not as breakable as you think {Gypsy Magpie}

    It’s been 16 days since my accident and my patience and spirits have been at an all time low.

    The brace is designed to use the weight of my arm as a catalyst for holding things in place, which will hopefully allow them to heal properly. It causes a constant nagging ache, not to mention makes my right arm pretty much useless. And, that is the kicker right there, I feel useless.

    I haven’t completely melted down yet, but this morning, I was pretty darn close. My chocolate faced Baby Girl wet the bed again and I needed to change her bedding. After the second attempt in two days to get the sheets on, I sat down and fancied myself a good cry.

    That’s when Katy came to my mind.

    I’ve known Katy since she and my little sister were probably 12 or so. When Katy was a vibrant, fun 16 year old girl with her whole life ahead of her, she was in a horrible accident.

    She lost her arm.

    The blow was devastating. But, slowly and surely, my amazing friend became so much more vibrant than ever before. She has become a fantastic woman, loving wife, and incredible mother. She commands a room and her resilient spirit shines. Katy doesn’t slow down for anything or anyone. She has taken what life has handed her and she has knocked it straight out of the proverbial park.

    Katy got me thinking.

    If she can do this, and do this so beautifully for a lifetime, then surely I can muddle through for 4-8 weeks. It’s ok to be mad or frustrated with the situation. It’s ok to feel sad. This won’t be the last time I cry. But, eventually, you’ve got to put your sassy pants on and make the choice for happiness.

    After all…

    You are not as breakable as you think! | Gypsy Magpie

    So, I wiped off the tears, put on my sassy pants, and figured out how to hook and unhook my straight jacket by myself. {See, that odd amount of flexibility really has more uses than mere party tricks!} This silly brace doesn’t hold power over me any longer.

    Guess I better go make that bed.

    Third time is a charm.


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  • Leslie Moon Face
    17 January 2013

    “party tricks”… is that what the kids are calling it now-a-days? ;) You’re awesome! you totally got this miss sassy pants!

    • Missy
      22 January 2013

      I plead the 5th.

  • The Jarretts
    22 January 2013

    I think of Katy a lot when I feel like I am having a rough day too! She is amazing :)

    • Missy
      22 January 2013

      Truly! Thanks for commenting, Ali girl! I miss your face!

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