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    My One Word 2013

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    Last year, I decided to turn my New Year’s resolutions into One Word, one overarching focus. This past few weeks I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what was accomplished in 2012, and I was feeling a little frustrated. My life still isn’t in any semblance of order. There are unfinished things and loose un-tied ends all over the place. But, as I sat down today and really looked at my goals, I realized that this year really was fantastic! Why, because I’m moving forward. Forward is a whole lot more amazing than standing still.

    Forward feels good.

    Here’s the breakdown of last year…

    One word 2012: Order

    1. Organized Home
    2. Make a good friend
    3. Get my septum fixed so I can breathe! {Air is nice, who knew?}
    4. Become a better blogger
    5. Have fun with my family *LAUGH!*

    **Actually accomplished-

    #1…ish… This year I got the Urge to Purge. And, it’s still hanging on. I sold half the junk in the basement. Feels good. Still have a long way to go, but we are on our way. {I mean, it sort of makes a bit more sense around here now. Sorta.}

    #2 Friends really do make life a lot more fun!

    #3 Thumbs down

    #4 Meh. Working on it. Life just keeps getting in the way…

    #5 I can’t tell you how thankful I am for the opportunities that came with this goal. Choose to be present, mamas. Do it.

    1. Set up a routine
    2. Get up at a consistent time {as in NOT sleep in}
    3. Put away laundry while it’s hot!
    4. Menu plan…eew.
    5. Family economy/chores

    **Actually accomplished-

    Thumbs down Um… Oopsies? I don’t even have a good excuse.

    1. Send thank you note and snail mail just because I feel like it
    2. Follow my promptings
    3. Get more involved in my calling @ church
    4. Sing 2 times this year
    5. Monthly family service project

    **Actually accomplished-

    #1 I think I’ve made this one a habit. It’s fun!

    #2 Well, I was doing ok, until it got hard. To think that my accident could have been totally prevented if I had only listened. Wow. What can I say to that? It hurts, and a whole lot more than my messed up arm.

    #3 Oh, I got More Involved than I could have ever imagined!

    #4 Check! Check! Had to remind myself to Assume Good Will. Some people’s “compliments” are um, interesting to say the least.

    #5 December’s was amazing. Can’t tell you about it though, it was a special secret. But, this is another one of those goals that you should make with your fam. The feeling was absolutely incredible.

    1. Monthly date night with my man!
    2. Read scriptures 2x’s a week at least! {OK, so I just totally outed myself, didn’t I? I struggle!}
    3. Attend the temple quarterly or more
    4. Take a vacation
    5. Learn to coupon
    6. Run 1 race

    **Actually accomplished-

    #1 Still learning, but we are getting there. Yeehaw!

    #2 Prepping lessons for Sundays have helped a lot with this goal

    #3 YES!

    #4 Made it to Moab AND California

    #5 Learned how and then gave it up for something better

    #6 Thumbs down


    2012 went out with like a lion and 2013 came in like a bang. I’m developing patience {along with how to type with my left hand!} and I’m learning, a lot.

    13 is a lucky number for me and I have a feeling that if I choose it, this year is going to be a rad one!

    So, this year my One Word is…

    Listen {Gypsy Magpie}

    This year I’m not setting little goals. I’m just going to do one big one, listen. I am going to listen to my body when it says to slow down. I’m going to listen to my children, with my ears AND my eyes. {If you are a mother, you so know what I’m talking about!} I will listen to my sweetheart’s needs and wants. I will listen with my heart instead of trying to formulate an answer right away with my head. I will listen when my life is telling me that there is too much. Listen when I want to talk. I will listen to the song of the bird, and the song of my heart.

    But, more importantly, I will listen when those quiet little promptings speak to my soul. And, then I will be brave enough to act on them. Scary or not.

    My family loves to jeep. When you are behind the wheel and facing an obstacle, you can’t see everything in front or behind you. You have to rely on your spotter to talk you through. You have to quiet your mind, swallow your pride, and just listen. When you reach the top, you finally see the big picture as you look at what you just got through. It’s a feeling like no other.

    You feel strong and alive.

    There will be obstacles. There will be struggles, fears, and if it goes anything like the past few weeks, there will be pain. But, I believe that there will also be gorgeous vistas, love, peace, adventure, and experience and I’m choosing in.

    2012 I got stuff done.

    2013 I’m finally going to hear.

    Listen {Gypsy Magpie}


    *What is your One Word for 2013 and what are you going to do about it?


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  • Lynette
    15 January 2013

    Strengthen. Has a few personal meanings but mostly my relationships that I haven’t nurtured as much as I should have and a testimony that can always use a little work. Maybe build a few muscles while I am at it ;) JK. Here is to a new year of listening more to what is most important and strengthening the relationships that mean the most. Thanks for the inspiration sis!

    • Missy
      16 January 2013

      I have another friend who chose that word. It’s a FANTASTIC one! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jessica
    15 January 2013

    My word is… enjoy. I REALLY struggle with this. Sometimes I am so worried about, well, everything. What do I need to do right now, what do i need to do tomorrow, worry, worry, worry… wonder who I inherited that from(: I am making it a goal this year to sit back and relax and be more appreciative of the beautiful life I have been blessed with (especially since I really want to enjoy every second of this baby I prayed so hard for and waited so long for and not be so worried about being perfect so that time flies right past me and before I know it she is 18) Thanks for sharing your idea with me, I think that this one word “goal” for the new year is a great idea! Love ya!

    • Missy
      16 January 2013

      Enjoy. Yep, that is the perfect word for a year that is welcoming a baby. Time slips through our fingers so quickly, it’s a ahame that we don’t spend more of it savoring the moment!

    • Missy
      16 January 2013

      Ashame, not ahame. Remember that I’m typing one handed here… ;)

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