• New Years Trick {Gypsy Magpie}

    My Cruel New Year’s Trick

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    Something horrible happened over the holidays…

    Manly surprised me with this amazing little beauty.

    A Brother Innov-is NX-450Q for Christmas {Gypsy Magpie}

    Cruel and unusual punishment, I tell you!

    What’s cruel about it?

    I can’t use my right arm.

    On New Year’s Day, I decided to roll around with a snowmobile, which resulted in the dislocation of both my clavicle and my shoulder. I got a wicked concussion, went into shock, massive bruising, re-twisted that glorious vertebrae in my neck, and tore all sorts of good stuff in my shoulder. The positive, I just barely missed having to have surgery. The negative, I feel like I got hit by a truck, my thinking is still cloudy, and I’m going to have to wear a brace that will immobilize my right arm for WEEKS.

    Yay me *sarcasm*

    Since the accident, I’ve had my clavicle put back in place twice. I keep trying to roll on my side in my sleep and popping the dang thing out. Have you had your clavicle put back in? Good glory does that hurt! Aside form the aches and pains, I can hardly type, pick things up, drive, exercise {The amount of energy building up in my body is seriously going to blow like Mt. Saint Helens. I HAVE to exercise every day or I, and everyone around me, goes nuts. This is bad.} sleep, or do anything else that I love to do. I can’t even dance with my girls, which has been a major kick in the teeth for me AND the munchkins.

    Y’all know how well I sit still. Yeah, I don’t.

    See? Cruel.

    Every day I walk past my amazing present and wish I could finally finish the pennant banner for my office or hem my sister’s curtains that are laying in a heap on my floor. Or start the 400 other projects that I have floating around in the back of my mind.

    Guess it’s all going to have to wait.

    I need to heal, and I want to be strong and healthy.

    I am learning about patience in a huge way.

    So, while I wait, I borrowed the first and second season’s of this…

    Downton Abbey

    Downton Abbey

    I watched part of the first season last night with a giant cup of hot cocoa and I think I may be hooked. Which isn’t such a bad thing seeing how I have a whole heck of a lot of time and not much I can physically do.

    Period Soap Opera, take me away.

    *What is your favorite T.V. series right now?


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  • Leslie Moon Face
    15 January 2013

    I have too many to pick just one… but our new ones that both Casey and I like are “Go On”, Chicago Fire, and Revolution. :D And PLEASE let us know if you need anything. we’re happy to let you use our arms :D

    • Missy
      17 January 2013

      I’ll check them out! Thanks, Sis!

  • Kyndra
    15 January 2013

    I agree with Leslie Chicago Fire!! Also gotta love biggest loser, Big Bang theory, once upon a time, I have season one of burn notice if you wanna borrow it. I love burn notice too.

    • Missy
      17 January 2013

      Big Bang Theory makes me happy. I heart Sheldon.

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