• Celebrating August One

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    Yesterday was a special little holiday for our family. It was what we lovingly refer to as August One around here. Remember THIS POST from last year, when I told you all about my Auntie Ella and my very first deliberate tradition? Well, yesterday was “August One” 2012…

    and it was “perfect, like Janet” in it’s perfectly imperfect way.

    Pedicures for August One {Gypsy Magpie}

    My girly’s got to have their cousin {another of Jannie’s favorite girls!} sleep over. We built a fort of blankets and the munchkins played all morning. Then, I surprised them with a little trip to the local beauty school to get their piggies painted. That was a hoot!

    While the girls were pampered, my little man spent over an hour exploring the DUP Museum next door. He was in history heaven! {Which leads me to my A-Ha of the day: Little Man and I really don’t have a lot in common and I have struggled trying to find some common ground for us to bond. It’s history! The one big thing that we both absolutely love! History, I know. You just passed out of boredom. Sorry…} He even found photos of our ancestors hanging on the wall. Have I told you lately that I love that boy? I sure do.

    Family History {Gypsy Magpie}

    Sorry about the awful cell phone photo. This photograph is HUGE and I was trying to get all of it yet still be able to read the little plaque. You’ll forgive me, right? If not, then oh well, because I really took it for my grandma, and she doesn’t care!

    After we got done with our adventures, we got a milkshake to share and drove to the next county to drop off our cousin. Next, the kids got to go play at my grandparent’s home while I went to see my brand spankin new nephew!

    I’d show you a pic, but he is in the NICU, so I never got to see his sweet chubby 10 lb. 3 oz. self. Which, by the way, if you find a moment, please say a little prayer for our big guy that he can get healthy and be able to go home with my sister and brother SOON!

    We all joked that Auntie Ella had something to do with my nephew staying put in there til “August One”. She loved her birthday more than I love chocolate and babies, and that is saying a lot! I’ll bet she was just a cheering up there, singing her birthday song and doing her little wiggle dance. Oh, how I miss that funny gal…

    So, I’d say “August One” 2012 was a huge success. I can’t think of a better way to honor my Auntie than pink piggies, family time, laughter, and new babies fresh from Heaven.

    Happy Birthday Auntie J. We miss you. We are better because you lived.

    Happy “August One”.

    *If you know someone who has Down Syndrome, do something kind today. Share a laugh, help out a caregiver, give a hug. If you haven’t had much experience, learn more about people who have Down Syndrome. I cannot begin to express the sheer happiness you are missing out on. You’ll never feel more loved in all you life.

    I promise.


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  • Mindy
    3 August 2012

    this is the best tradition ever, hands down!! hoping your not so little nephew comes home soon.