• Oh, camera, where art thou?

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    So, guess what loser left her camera 2 1/2 hours away at her family’s cabin? Yep, me. Guess who had pictures on it for 5-6 posts? Yep, me.

    Wow. That’s all I can say.

    Guess for now, I will just work my rear off and finally get some projects done around here, huh? Which kind of irks me, because I wanted to get those posts up on here AND if I’m working on projects then I need my camera. Ugh. Oh, well.

    Here’s a little update on what’s been going on…

    I finally got my office curtains sewn. I lined them. Yes, we established ^ there that I am an idiot, but if you hadn’t really got it yet, now you REALLY know! They look awesome, I must say. But, they took twice as long as normal curtains. They do have a very lovely drape to them {thank goodness after 2 freaking days of sewing!!} and weird side note: I never realized how much it echoed in here until I hung these curtains. They muffle sound and make it quiet peaceful and soft sounding, if that makes any sense?

    Sneak peak…

    lined curtains {Gypsy Magpie}

    I also finally got my headboard bench done. It is seriously so dang cute. My two youngest have already spent some quality time sitting on the “Repenting Bench”…so much so that Miss June screamed out from her last time out, “I’ll repent! I promise I’ll repent, Mama!” {I had to go hide in the laundry room until I was done giggling!} And, let’s be honest. I might have possibly maybe sorta took a time out the other night, too. What can I say? Trucking is hard on a gal, even if he was only gone for 2 days!
    Here’s your sneak…
    Repenting Bench {Gypsy Magpie}

    Just FYI, I wish I would have cut down the footboard a little, to make the seat shorter, but, too late for that now. Guess I’ll know if I ever build another one. Isn’t she cute? This pic makes her look so much brighter than she really is. Think mustard with a brown glaze. Have I mentioned that yellow is my favorite color? Because it sooooooooo is. Always and forever. Oh, cute.
    I reno-d {is that a word?} my desk.

    lined desk drawers {Gypsy Magpie}

    It’s still a work in progress. Really slow slowwwwwwwwwwwww progress.

    support card {Gypsy Magpie}
    I know this was a while ago, but I just had to show you the rocking card I got my mama for Mother’s Day. Tell me that is not the coolest?
    She laughed. Bonus points.

    My childhood desk got new life with a fresh coat of paint and girly new pink and crystal knobs. My girls are in heaven!

    my cuties and my childhood desk with new knobs {Gypsy Magpie}

    They are still lacking a chair. If you have one you’d like to donate to their cause, I’m sure they’d trade you for some fresh farm eggs…hint hint.

    What else, what else? Hmmmm. Survived the last few weeks of school. Planted a vegetable garden. Kept the dog from eating the chickens. Preschool graduation. Got a coupon binder {still scares the heck out of me} and am trying to figure that whole thing out. Sewed some curtains for the girl’s room but this dang mountain town has no cute curtain rods so I can’t hang them. Oh, the irony! I actually finished something and I can’t even check it off the stupid list! Got buried in laundry. Started painting my buffet…I’m trying to DIY chalk paint, we’ll see how that goes. Please cross your fingers. Had a end of school/squirt gun party for the munchkins, and, welp, a whole bunch of other madness.

    Oh, and guess what? May was supposed to be dedicated to organizing the bathrooms. That didn’t happen. This office mess has taken over everything, but that’s ok. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon. If not, this office redo was TOTALLY worth it!

    So, let’s hope I can get my camera real soon! In the meantime, thank the stars for iPhones and Instagram!

    By the way, do you have a favorite app that I should know about?


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  • Mindy
    6 June 2012

    you are making me feel slightly self-conscious.
    i have my camera, not a finished project in sight!
    love them all. especially your repenting bench.. and the curtains, and the desks.. and if i knew you were close to me, i would totally trade a chair for some eggs, or just a chat, or maybe i could bribe you thoroughly with a curtain rod?

    • Missy
      16 June 2012

      Hahahaha! Bribe would totally be accepted! Guess what? I found my camera…at the bottom of my diaper bag. I’m rad.