• Holding Tomorrow Tightly in my Arms

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    Things have gotten a little wild again. I may or may not have gotten the urge to make-over my desk. I’d show you, but 2 weeks later and it’s still not done. Um… oopsies? I finally got the computer hooked back up today, which means my 7 year old has this afternoon and evening to catch up on 10 days of homework. {Sorry Mrs. L! It really wasn’t her fault THIS time!} I have been hanging magnet boards, building a kids station, spray painting this, that, and the other, and I still need to sew curtains and pillows, have some glass cut for the top of my desk, and make a cushion for my new window bench, not to mention organize and put away my hoard craft supplies and tools. Add that to bringing meals to hurt people in my neighborhood, helping with a humanitarian project, taking care of munchkins, 40 May birthdays {seriously, people, can you not find anything else to do in September than that? Take a walk in the leaves, garden, bottle something, shop for school supplies, do anything else that doesn’t add more b-days to the month of May… my wallet begs of you!}, end of school business, Mother’s Day activities, etc. etc. etc.

    There just aren’t enough hours in the day.

    I’m going fishing with my son and his Cub Scout troop tonight. I’ve got to admit, taking a bunch of 8 year old boys fishing sounds about as fun as stepping on a rusty tetanus covered nail, but, I’m excited to spend a some time with my little man. We don’t get enough one on one time doing things he loves. So, I’m going to set my gorgeous curtain fabric and my unbelievably strong desire to get them hung aside for the evening and take my boy out to the lake.

    As I prepare to go, this quote keeps wafting through my head.

    Holding Tomorrow Tightly in my Arms {Gypsy Magpie featuring Spiritually Thinking}
    Check out www.spirituallythinking.blogspot.com, I love her stuff.

    It will be nice to have a beautiful, inspiring, comfortable place to create in.

    But, what really matters is my family. They are the greatest gift I have been given here on earth. So, sometimes it’s OK if a project takes me three months instead of a couple days. It’s alright if the neighbor knocks at the door at 10am and finds me and my girls still in our jammies. And, it doesn’t matter that I’m not running a marathon like her, going to Hawaii like them, or have hundreds of readers on my sidebar. All that matters is that I “hold tomorrow tightly” as I can and help them grow and be strong.

    The world can pass me by all it wants because I have the best of it right here in my arms.

    Happy fishing y’all.


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  • Mindy
    17 May 2012

    that is my most favorite quote of all time. it hangs on my magnet board in my craft room. i need to remind myself of this same thing right now. i am also thankful that my birthday count for this month is only 3.

    • Missy
      23 May 2012

      Do you? I need to make me a little something for my office/craft room, too. What an awesome reminder. Oh, and today I had 6 birthdays in my family, 6!!

  • Krista Neil
    22 May 2012

    Opps…one of the May’s :S Thanks for saying what goes through my mind all the time.

    • Missy
      23 May 2012

      Happy birthday on the 25, Kris!