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    Order Yet?

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    Since it’s March 8th, I decided that I better sit down and figure out how I’m doing on my “One Word” and goals for the year. So far, I’ve done pretty good!

    January’s goal was to organize the laundry/mudroom. We didn’t get cabinets in or some of the other projects I am dreaming of *sigh* but we did get the “mud” side of the room done! {Check that project out HERE!} I still giggle when I see all the coats hung up…and Baby Girl surprised us all by learning to hang up her own little coat. She thinks she is helping and is a big girl when she does it, which is a completely unexpected yet super rad perk!

    February was all about organizing the kitchen and pantry. I did alright. I couldn’t do any major projects, but, I did get things wiped out, cleaned up, and in some sort of order. That will have to do for now. Living in the mountains makes getting all the stuff you need for organizing awfully difficult. I need more sweet pantry containers from IKEA, like this…

    IKEA 365+ Jar with lid IKEA Remove the lid completely to fill the jar and open half the lid to make it easier to pour from. Made to fit your hand.

    I ran out and totally need more for my beans, nuts, and pasta. I also want to find some old fashioned wire baskets like these pretty painted ones (Update: Amazon no longer has them. Sad face!) for my potatoes, onions, and other random goodness.

    Colored Wire Locker Baskets - Set of 4


    Someday, it will be a really functional and beautiful pantry, just not right now. Who knows, now that I know what it is I want, and I have a plan, maybe I’ll hit gold during yard sale season!

    A girl can dream, can’t she?

    The other project that I really want to do in our kitchen is building drawer dividers like the awesome ones that Stephanie Lynn did over on her killer blog, Under the Table and Dreaming. If you haven’t check out her site, you need to. She has some seriously fantastic ideas!

    via Under the Table and Dreaming

    Mark my words, I will do this project! I will! I just need to find myself alone at the home improvement store sometime soon. You’d think that would be easy, but you’d be so so wrong! Especially lately with the Trucker traveling as much as he has been. Poo. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know. I know! I have a great life and I need to suck it up. Ok, thanks for the sympathy and encouragement. Anyhooooo.

    Now it’s March {BiRtHdAy MoNtH!} And, this month, I am taking on one of the biggest projects of all!! Our office…dun dun DUN! There is so much freaking work to do in here that it gives me hives just thinking about it! Where to start? I guess with paint. Y’all know how much I LOVE paint. I might possibly have an addiction, which is good because the last owners never painted the ceiling or the crown molding. YIKES!!! So, stay tuned and let’s see how much I can get done in this ugly olive green man cave.

    Order Yet? {Gypsy Magpie}

    Oh, dear…

    As for my other goals, I’ve crossed off a few randoms in the past few weeks.

    1. I have to sing for the 2nd time on the 25th, so I can cross “Share #4” off my list. Phew! {Yeah, singing in front of people when there is no campfire involved freaks the heck out of me! I’m shaking just thinking about it.}

    2. I was asked to be in charge of bulk group purchasing for my church group, which may put me in an early grave, which is an exciting new challenge. {I’m the Provident Living Specialist in my ward, if you were curious.} I think that totally counts for “Share #3” so, I’m totally counting it. {Ummm…and I may go postal if people really are as flaky as they were last month…just a warning.}

    3. I made a friend!! Yay for me! Oh, and the best part? She isn’t moving! {Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, If she does, I’ll lock her in my basement. I should have done that to Jai, but I chickened out and let her move to stupid Oakley. Don’t worry, I’m much braver now…but, possibly more crazy…yeah, it’s the trucking.”} Crossing off “Want #2” and sticking a big smiley face by it, because life is a whole lot more fun when you have some partners in crime! Especially when you are talking DIY, which I do, probably too much. I apologize.

    Welp, there’s my little quarterly update on my goals. Hope I didn’t put you to sleep. It’s just that I’m pretty proud of myself! I’m not good at sticking to anything. I blame it on the ADD. I start a million things and only ever finish a few, so maybe this whole internet accountability thing is working in my favor!

    The hubs is gonna be tickled pink.



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  • The Pluims
    17 April 2012

    LOVE your blog! LOVE your ideas! Pretty much you are awesome!