• Birthday Week {Gypsy Magpie}

    Birthday Week

    • Missy
    • Wings
    • 26 March 2012

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    It’s my birthday day tomorrow. {Yes, I’m STILL 25! Hahaha!} The other day, my friend asked some questions about what I liked and what makes me happy, so I thought I’d share some of that wackiness with y’all, since I’m in the middle of my office redo and I don’t have anything fun to show you. {Paint is done, I repeat, paint is DONE! And, I LOVVVVVVVVVVVE it!}
    So, here we go…
    a little complete and utter randomness.
    I am the oldest of 6 children. I have five rugged, manly, and handsome brothers who mean the world to me. I am a daddy’s girl. He can do anything. It’s true. Superman’s got nothing on my pops. My mama is my dearest friend, and she knows all. If it’s happened, I’ve told her. But, don’t worry, she won’t hold that against you…umm, MOST of the time. I met my hubby in Ephraim, Utah at Snow College and would move back to Sanpete in a heartbeat. I am a small town girl at heart. I hate traffic and get seriously claustrophobic in big cities. I like to travel and visit there, but you won’t catch me staying long! I have 4 children, one boy and three girlys. I say funny, cliché, elderly, hick phrases. It bothers some people, but, I ain’t some people. I utterly despise math. I love history.
    Favorite Color:
    *With Turquoise, green, orange, and anything bright & happy close behind…
    Lucky Number:
    Probably 7, I have a thing for odd numbers!
    Favorite Food:
    I love Mexican {spicy!} and seafood {coconut shrimp…drool!}
    Birthday Week {Gypsy Magpie}
    *But, let’s be honest, I just love FOOD, period. I like to try new things, go to funky restaurants, and I love eating foods from other countries and cultures. I just love food. There really isn’t much that I won’t eat! Oh, and I love vegetables, seriously. I’m NOT a fast food lover. My very favorite foods are usually homemade by the people I love.
    Favorite Treat:
    Hmmm, I like DARK chocolate, gummies, sour stuff, Day’s Chocolate dipped apple fritters and raspberry pinwheel donuts, toffee, caramel, anything involving peanut butter or Nutella, licorice, candied nuts, hot cocoa, See’s Candy, homemade peanut brittle, and pretty much any homemade baked good! I love treats. I have a well documented sugar addiction.
    My Style:
    My Style Board on Pinterest pretty much sums it up. I’m country, hippie, vintage, quirky, and colorful. I have a serious detail fetish {lace, buttons, stitching, ruffles, beads, belts, ribbon, you name it!} and like things interesting and eye catching. I’ve never been good at black or “plain and simple”, what can I say? I think that the prettiest clothes came out of the 30’s, 40’s, and yes, 70’s. I don’t like sharp lines and think the 80’s was the most trashy of all decades…and no matter what the fashion magazines say, you won’t catch me anywhere near the denim on denim trend that graces our old 90’s family photos! I am in love with Shabby Apple dresses right now, but, I just can’t bring myself to spend $100 bucks on a dress. Did I mention that I am also cheap? It’s a problem.
    I love love love jewelry, and usually wear too much. But, I say you can never have enough! I wear anything and everything that I find fun, gold, silver, bronze, whatever. {I love shiny things and I chatter a lot, hence the “Magpie” in the name.} My go to piece of jewelry usually involves something turquoise. I guess you could call it my signature stone. Why, I’m not sure, it just always has been. It’s earthy, rich, and makes me feel rooted in some way that I can’t explain. And, you know how desperately I need roots.
    My decorating style is really eclectic. I used to try to stick with one theme, like your “supposed” to, but, I just couldn’t do it. Now, I decorate with anything and everything I love. My home is full of color, random thrift store finds, and mementos from the people that I adore. I don’t buy something just because it “works” in a room anymore. I decorate with things that make me happy. If that means spray painting a file cabinet sunshine yellow, or using an old bucket to hold my glue sticks, I’ll do it. {And, yes, that bookshelf in my office IS a changing table. I love it. It holds way more meaning than a cheap bookshelf from the big box store. *insert childish raspberry stick-out tongue thingy here*} My decorating is a whole lot like my fashion style. Need some examples? Go play around on my Pinterest Boards a little while. You’ll get the idea. It may make no good sense to you, but, you’ll have a giggle and leave with a smile on your face…and that is the whole concept behind my style…Joy.
    I love to create, garden, cook, play outdoors, do things that cause an adrenaline rush {white water rafting, snowmobiling, ride roller coasters, rock climb, etc.}. I love music, play the guitar, dig a good campfire, love to yard sale, and I get a high from making something new out of something old or discarded. I like the feeling of re-purposing something and giving it new life. I love to write, daydream, and explore. I think everything has a story. Guess that’s part of the reason I love old things, I love to imagine where they came from and the life they led. I adore family history, not so much actual genealogy, but actual history, the stories behind the people. Oh, and I’m a DIY addict.
    Favorite Disney Princess is:

    I loved that she was brave, curious, and wasn’t afraid to be who she was meant to be.
    But, I do have to admit, we are loving some Tangled around here lately!
    Favorite Flower:
    I love sunflowers because of a story my grandmother told me when I was a little girl about my pioneer ancestors as they crossed the plains. Sunflowers always keep their face to the sun.
    I’ve tried to keep that as my motto, always keep your face to the Son.
    I also adore Lilacs, Peonies, Trumpet Vine, and basically any other old fashioned flower!
    Vampires {didn’t say they were rational fears…and no, I’ve never read Twilight.}, confrontation {I cry hot angry tears}, sharks, driving behind pipe trucks, the dark, cancer, and not wearing my contacts
    I HATE scary movies. HATE. HATE. HATE.
    Little Known Facts:
    When I was a little girl I wanted to be a country singer, marry John Wayne, and I just knew that when I grew up, I was going to live on a ranch. {I married a basketball player. Wow.} I always wanted 5 munchkins, but Manly stamped a big HECK NO on that dream. Party pooper.
    I tried to join the Peace Corps when I was 18, but they wouldn’t take me without a parents signature, & we all know that wasn’t gonna happen. I wanted to build wells, feed little babies, and build homes. I still do. Maybe that dream won’t ever go away. I think there is a reason.
    I was born 2 weeks late and never quite caught up. I’m chronically late. It’s a disease. OK, so maybe you already knew that.
    I was a tomboy.
    I paid for my education by doing pageants. Go ahead and laugh.
    I tried 4 different majors in college- I started in Interior Design, switched to Musical Theater, then Nursing, and finally ended up in Health Education by default. I’d still love to do any and all of those things, except teaching, that sucks.
    My front tooth is dead. Has been since the infamous “Slide Incident” when I was just itty bitty.
    I have hypoglycemia.
    I’m abnormally loyal. I’ll stick with you through thick and thin, even if you don’t want me to. I’m a people pleaser and a relationship girl. I naturally want everyone to have fun, laugh, and yes, like me. It’s really hard to wrap my brain around when someone doesn’t. I have incredibly thick skin when it comes to you, and pretty dang thin skin when it comes to myself. Yes, it’s a totally weird weakness. I’m working on it.
    I randomly pass out and it has nothing to do with seeing blood. {Blood doesn’t bother me at all.}
    I shot a 4 pt. buck when I was 14 years old. My dad made me gut it. That was the last time I felt the urge to fill a hunting tag. However, I’m still a dang good shot for a girl.
    I’m a bit of a hippie. I started recycling when I was in the 4th grade and held a duck that was covered with oil from a local transportation accident. I’m not a raving, guilt throwing, hairy granola kind of hippie. But I won’t lie about thinking that America has some SERIOUS entitlement issues when it comes to the planet. I try to avoid chemicals, I fill up our garage with recyclables, and I unconsciously pick up trash everywhere I go.
    I’m blind and have hearing loss. {Don’t sit on my right side.}
    I’m a naturally right/wrong person. I CAN NOT sit on the fence and there is no grey. I’ve tried desperately to change, but I can’t. It’s just a part of me. That doesn’t mean I don’t think there is more than one way to cross a room. Just that when I feel something in my soul, I have to go with it. When “Jiminy Cricket” speaks, I listen.
    Birthday Week {Gypsy Magpie}
    I’m a natural night owl.
    Women scare the heck out of me.
    I show you I love you by doing something for you… cleaning your floors, watching your kids, organizing your spice cupboard, shoveling your snowy driveway, bringing you food, making you something. Honest, it’s not because I think you are dirty or incapable! It’s just one of my odd little quirks. So, don’t be offended, say thanks, and give me a big hug because I must think you are pretty special.
    I have attention difficulties. Always have. Ever seen Up, remember the “Squirrel” part?

    That’s me in a nutshell. You kinda have to listen intently to follow a conversation with me. My brain runs at Mach 10 and skips and jumps more than a 6 year old school girl with a jump rope. My report cards growing up all had one thing in common “great student, has a hard time sticking to task.”
    I have a LARGE daily word quotient that I must meet or I will shrivel away and die faster than the Wicked Witch when Dorothy threw the bucket of water on her.
    My husband is hot… and he abhors ^said word quotient. It’s one of life’s sneaky little tricks.
    I love being a mother, housewife, and doing all the domestic things that women are supposed to be better than. The whole women’s lib movement got taken way to far, well, except for the burning of bras part. I’m so down with that! Don’t come over here after 9 unless you wanna see what I mean.
    My favorite car is a yellow CJ7 jeep
    Alrighty then…
    That’s a bit about me.
    Probably too much. But, I’m that much closer to meeting my word count for the day so, my hubs, friends, and family thank you!
    Do we have things in common? Are we total opposites? Can we still be friends? Are you all roots? All wings? It’s kind of interesting looking at yourself through a microscope, isn’t it?
    But, the truth is, I’ve come a long way in my 25++++++ years.

    Here is to a new year of life and to finding joy in the journey ahead.



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  • Kalli
    26 March 2012

    Hey you, I remember the sunflowers!

    • Missy
      31 March 2012

      Hey you! Come up and see me sometime!

  • Krista Neil
    28 March 2012

    You already know how much we have in common, luv ur guts :)

    • Missy
      31 March 2012

      Love yours too

  • Kristen Rivera
    28 March 2012

    I just learned some interesting new things about you! That was fun. :) :) I hope you had a good birthday!

    • Missy
      31 March 2012

      Thanks girl! It wasn’t the best day, but that’s ok because I got a cool phone and $ to buy furniture at yard sales…so how can I complain, right!

  • Mindy
    29 March 2012

    okay.. we have a few too many things in common here. are you sure we aren’t long lost sisters? don’t get me wrong, i am not complaining about my life that consisted of nothing but brothers, but seriously. just a wee bit much alike.

    • Missy
      31 March 2012

      Mindy, I am so excited to get to know you through FFA! Someday will you teach me how to digital scrapbook?

  • Sherrell
    30 March 2012

    HOLY CRAP! You’re awesome! Cheers to your awesome description.

    • Missy
      31 March 2012

      Awwww…shucks! Thank you! It was fun to read about you, too!

  • Laura Lynn
    1 April 2012

    I haven’t gotten my post up on Vintage Revivals yet so I was just reading others. Yours caught my eye. It was a fun read and we have the same birthday so happy belated birthday!

    • Missy
      2 April 2012

      Thanks, happy bday to you too! Good luck on your post! I was already writing this one, so, I figured I’d link it up, since it talked about what I want my home to be. Probably not exactly what she was looking for, but, meh!

  • Dharma
    11 April 2012

    Missy….the fact that you used “meh” in a sentence, described your word quotient per day and told me flat out your husband was hotter than mine? I am now sure, we need to start another club. For the record paying for your education via pageants? I did laugh but hey, you paid for your education…..with your clothes ON. Kudos sister.

    Over from FFA.