• The Urge to Purge

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    Have you ever woke up one day and had the overwhelming urge to seriously de-crap-ify {Is that a word?} your home?

    You know, the urge to purge the clutter hoard?

    I woke up today with this feeling way down deep that I was surrounded by junk and that it was taking over my life. It’s filling our office/craft room, scattered around the dining room, lurking in our garage, and oozing up the basement stairs! Where did all this stuff come from? And, more importantly, why do I even still have it?

    I’ll tell you why!

    Because over a decade ago, someone we love gave it to us for our wedding. Or, somewhere along the line, it was a thoughtful birthday gift. Maybe it was a hand-me-down from one of my 96 aunts! Or, it was on clearance therefore making it a killer deal, so I HAD to buy it!

    Yeah, all of that and then some, I’m sure.

    I keep holding on to it all because of guilt. I don’t want someone to think I didn’t appreciate it all those years ago! Oh, and then I have that odd “hippie” issue that won’t allow throwing things away, WASTE! Aaack! I hate wasting! Oh, my glory! I’m becoming my Grandma Rose! Give it away? Yikes! I’m scared! I can’t remember who half the things came from in the first place! And, heaven forbid the ornery lovable neighbor finds the dusty rose towels she embroidered our names on at the thrift store! Heaven have mercy!

     Guilt. Guilt… guilt… ggggggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiiiiillllllltttttttt!

    Yep, you now know my kryptonite. If you want something from me, use guilt. Works like a freaking charm. I blame it on, well, I’d better just keep that thought to myself.

    Lucky for me, Manly is trucking. Yeah, that just does NOT sound right but, go with me here. I don’t have to keep things clean OR make awesome, tasty, nutritious meals for a while, so guess this is as good a time as any to tackle my hoard. Hopefully that will help in this whole 2012 Project Order thing! If anything, I am getting stuff cleaned out and making room for things I actually LOVE. That is a really cool concept all in itself.

    Why be swallowed up in the things that don’t make you happy? Why not make room for what does! I think that should apply to all aspects of our lives, don’t you? Therefore, if I don’t absolutely love it and can’t alter it in some way so that it makes me smile, I don’t need it anymore.

    They say that “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” so who knows, maybe there is someone out there that is looking for a whole lot of 1990’s hand-me-down ugliness!

    As long as it makes her happy…

    **Be honest, what are you hoarding for no good reason?**


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  • Krista Neil
    9 March 2012

    This happened to me before I was ready to tackle it when we finished our basement, talk about a crap pile! I had 32 tubs of baby clothes! 32! Now I only have like 4-5 in each of the kids’ closets, lol ;)